El día del café

Well, would ya look at that - one of the first designs I voted for. Happy to see this printed!

Edit: I spoke too soon (specifically, before reading the writeup and looking at who the artist was!) A) Of course it’s by walmazan, creator of many of my favorites- no wonder I loved it at first sight. B) Seriously, Telltale! Grim Fandango remains my favorite game of all time (though I’m hoping Broken Age will rekindle some of that nostalgia), and I would happily through many stacks of my hard-earned cash at my monitor if they chose to raise Manny from his doubly-metaphoric grave.

It even has a cat :slight_smile: Very creepy cute.

You have good taste shirtwoot voters. This is a lush + colorful design overflowing with a grim cheer I associate with walmazan’s Día de Muertos influenced designs.

Great shirt, and I couldn’t agree more with the Telltale/Grim Fandango plea!

I hope Walmazan’s other similar designs make the poster votes.

Thirded on the Tell-Tale/Grim Fandango idea. I would throw money ALL over that. And hey, Woot could do the tie-in merch, they’ve got a good artist or two working for them. :wink:

El gato es muy bueno.

So that’s what happens when you drink too much of that stuff.

amazing writeup. i replayed GF last fall, holds up insanely well. have companeros as my ringtone. though with disney owning/shutting down lucasarts as a game studio, might be tough sledding to free GF from their grasp. better off setting your sights on the double fine adventure (Broken Age). apparently after inflation it’s about the same budget as tim schafer had for grim. you might say my expectations are high

The rights issues with Grim Fandango (IP was owned by LucasArts, which was closed by Disney, who likely don’t see much potential for profit with the company’s old games) make it significantly unlikely we’ll see a reissue of the game anytime soon, let alone a sequel.

Which sucks, because there are thousands of gamers out there who want to play it. On GOG.com, where they have a community-voting wishlist for games, over 35,000 people have voted for the site to get the rights to sell the original game; it’s the highest game on the list that they haven’t gotten yet.

Never heard of Grim Fandango but this is a sweet design. I would have already placed my order if they were printed on AA blanks.

I too would love if TellTale revitalized Grim Fandango, though considering it’s poor sales originally, I doubt it would get the kickstart support it needs.

Still, in for two.

Congrats Wences! Such a colorful design :smiley:

soon they will need to open a new page called walmazan.woot :slight_smile:
utterly love the colours. also was a big fan of Grim Fandango but was denied finishing it :frowning:
cant wait for broken age. high five to all adventure backers here

While you’re wearing this tee and waiting for more Grim Fandango you can also be looking forward to Pixar’s Día de los Muertos movie!

I. cannot. wait.

Such a hipster with his skinny jeans and his scarf! I bet he doesn’t even need those glasses.

Tried to resist buying this, but sometimes my willpower is weak.

Such a rad design! Guess the cat will eventually run out of lives too-

Beautiful design, Wences. Congrats on the print! Well deserved. :slight_smile: