El Greco Ceiling Hoist

Any video? This looked cool until I noticed there is only one draw string. Entry Level Physics is telling me your stored item is not going to elevate levelly because one side is anchored and the other side is your adjustment. any one with any experience with these?

You got me thinking. Found this video online: https://youtu.be/NFo-Gc-6K3g

. Yeah…they suck, useless as demonstrated

I used to have two of these for our bikes. Worked perfectly.

I got this (see below) for my kayaks- works great - about $25 from the mother ship - I think 125lb is a little optimistic, the ropes are not the best quality

ProSource 125-Pound Heavy Duty Garage Utility Canoe and Kayak Storage Lift

same thing at Harbor Freight for 9.99