Elder Rock Winemaker's Blend (6)

Elder Rock Winemaker’s Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Scheid Family Wines
$56.99 $114.00 50% off List Price
2013 Elder Rock Winemaker’s Blend, Monterey

Is this a true field blend or were the white varieties added intentionally?

Nothing special about the price. $9.99 per bottle online.

Shipping included?

It’s ~$20 shipping for a half case on websites at $9.99/bottle.

Changes the equation a bit, doesn’t it?

No argument here – figured the commenter didn’t factor in shipping costs. Just verifying. :slight_smile: Hope we see some tasting notes on this one!


…so I stopped into the Wine Country Connect headquarters for a long-overdue visit with Wine David. He quickly brushed past the pleasantries and said, “I need you to be a Grape Debater” and he placed a bottle in front of me (and I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy so I quickly said “Yes”). Of course in my day we called it something else, but sure, I could be a Grape Debater.

So, I took the bottle of 2013 Elder Rock Winemaker’s Blend with me- I was heading to the Tuesday night Farmers Market in the Sonoma square and figured I’d share the bottle with my usual group of winefriends.

It was a nice, warm Sonoma evening- the last days of summer. I popped the cork and poured a liberal dose into my Govino and gave it a swirl. A fairly gentle floral nose with red berry fruit with a hint of orange/citrus. On the palate, pleasant notes of plum and dark cherry with a dusting of cocoa. The wine has decent acid; not a ton of structure; soft tannins and a medium finish. Just a hint of heat at the end, but not enough to offend. I proceeded to jump into the bison burger procured from one of the Farmer’s Market vendors and washed it down with the rest of my glass. Again, decent acid, which made it, work quite nicely. I guess that would make this my “Tuesday Night Bison Burger Wine”?

Everyone in the group agreed that it was a good glass for our Farmer’s Market faire, and the bottle was emptied without incident.

As always, I find Scheid to be a reliable source for everyday-drinkers. $56.99 for six with shipping included? Well done Wine David, well done.

Now how the heck do I get that Grape Debater banner in my post? EDIT: I think I figured it out…

Good to see you back again. Don’t be such a stranger to us!

So glad to get a grape debater on this one. And a reliable source at that. Did I miss the grape varietals used in the blend in the description?

Yes? On the specs section:

Appellation: Monterey
Varietal Composition: 45% Merlot, 27% Petite Sirah, 15% Syrah, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Riesling, 2% Muscat
Alcohol: 13.5%
pH: 3.65

The specs say fermented separately, so I’d go with intentionally.

“During the blending process just prior to bottling, the proportion of each varietal was chosen to accentuate the richness of flavor and maximize depth, complexity, mouthfeel and finish.”

This is not a field blend at all.

Thanks. So now my question is, WTF?!

Why add Riesling to a Merlot blend? Or PS for that matter? Or Mucat?

I wondered the same thing. I love and drink quite a bit of Bordeaux so I am all for blending but there are limits! So I decided the only reasonable answer, giving them a very healthy benefit of the doubt, is: Because they wanted to.

You’d add Riesling to add a little flowery character, and add PS to make it seem more like a red wine-- to give it some body. You’d add Muscat for more of the flowery effect.

Neil found wine! :slight_smile:

Agree with RJQ, don’t be a stranger!