Electric Guitar for Dummies Pack



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Electric Guitar for Dummies Pack
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Your going to need more than a pitch pipe to keep this in tune…


Remember, you get what you pay for.


If you are serious about playing guitar…You can’t be serious about this POS guitar…


Amazon has it for not much more… $128.44


Pretty good reviews but already bought Guitar from woot…
Peavey 3005210 Retro Fire Electric Guitar with GT-5 Amp Bundle - Black

Can anybody compare the two without saying they are both crap?

(BTW, planning on using for Rocksmith)


Not honestly.


Ouch. Ok, I know nothing about guitars. So if I’m looking to buy one (a starter one) for my 13yo nephew who wants to learn, what do I look at to compare? What’s the difference between this a a great Les Paul?


The fairest and most objective comparison I could make is to say their is really no difference in the two whereas one is better than the other. With that said and with over 40 years expieriance on the guitar, I would not recommend either and in fact would advise against the both.


To the naysayers, I was curious what brand or even specific guitar you would recommend. I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar. Haven’t really looked around too much though.


I reccommend going to the store with a price range. 1. What you could afford and 2. what you could come up with if you find something you love. Then shop for your first range. If you like the sounds of what you hear from an instrument, then buy it. What you want is something you want to hear, first off. Second, can you play it? Does it fit you like it belongs there? If you’re stretching to finger chords and strum, you will never, ever, play it again.

Since I didn’t play guitar, the sales people played it. Same song on different instruments, every brand in the place. Gave me a real feel for what I was getting. I got something I wanted to pull out and hear.

My first guitar was a $500 Taylor GSMini. I love, love, love it. I was also in a position to buy it and played piano long enough to have a preference in sound. Big, bright, acoustic. My range was $300. That’s how much I loved it. Thanks Uncle Sam for my refund!

There were other instruments that sounded perfectly fine. It’s just for me, I like the sound of spruce. That’s why I picked the ukes I picked from Kala. Arch backed, slimmer than normal, spruce top. Surprisingly similar sound, but not really because my ear loves that quality to its music.

Does this make sense?

There are plenty of good brands. There are sometimes just special instruments that came off the line with the right wood at the right moment. But first, you have to start with good wood. That requires a trip to a music store.


The other thing I suggest is reading up and talking to people you know who are serious about guitars. Some brands have meh reputations, some are considered amazing. Lots of it comes down to a preference in wood and setup. A lot of the basics can be found online and give you enough knowledge to know what to avoid.

Honestly, though, I did about 3 hours of research. My ears told me more about the instrument than anything else I did.


Thank you for such an informative post. Now that you mention it, I never really thought to go down to a store and test/have them test out a guitar. (maybe I’ve been on the internet too much lately)
I’ll definitely do some reading up on it first before I go though. Thanks again!