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On the Saeco HD8772/47 Minuto Class Espresso Machine Silver:
Does it include the automatic milk frother that draws milk directly from a milk carton or jug and froth it automatically, dispensing it directly into your cup?

Philips website says that it is included in the factory box: http://www.usa.philips.com/c-p/HD8772_47/minuto-super-automatic-espresso-machine

But don’t know if its included in the refurb. Anyone know if its included with the Woot! unit?

We just confirmed with the vendor that it will be included!

Sweet!! I was just wondering that! Anyone else know why there are no reviews for this silver model?

I figured that as Seattle Coffee Gear backs the warranty, that was a good place to start. They have a video review, scoring based on ease of use, pros and cons, etc. I even went as far as calling them to ask whether the Minuto or the Intuita was better for the types of drinks I make at home.

This machine has been around a few years, based on my research. Reviews have varied all over the place. several of the review results are not on the “first page” of google, so you have to really look for them on some boutique coffee sites, even r/coffee to get a feel for the brand and this tier of machine. The good reviews seem to be from those that understand this machine is far more complex than a Mr Coffee and requires a greater commitment (and $$) to “grind it out” and buy cleaning solution, filters, etc.