Electric Oil-Free Air Fryer

I cant find any reviews on this model, but these air fryers generally get decent reviews for cooking chicken wings and fries.

Anybody have any experience? This seems like a healthy option to a oil fryer.

This has a very similar design to Tfals. I wonder if they are the same? I would love to get one if so.

On the other fyer Yaku pointed out these are sold under the name Nutrichef
still couldn’t find any reviews. This one is $20 less than amazon, not accounting for shipping.

Product page http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PKAIRFR20/Electric-Air-Fryer--Oil-Free-Air-Frying

You will notice it is the same as nutrichef

I went ahead and bought one. Will post a review as soon as I get it and try it out.

Got it last night and tried a few things you would normally Deep Fry.

Egg Rolls - Came out crispy and hot
Chicken Nuggets - Same

This weekend will be french fries and wings.

It does a great job of cooking. Does not put out too much heat, (Less than the oven) and gives food the “Deep Fried” texture. The taste is there, just without the oil.

Seems to be a very healthy alternative and I am very pleased with my purchase!!!