Electric Stand Up Desk & Chair

Someone might wnt to check. there are two chairs on the pics. Is this the office chair in the first pic or the tall chair?

I bought this chair during a previous Woot. It is ok. My biggest complaint is the foot rest will not stay in any position, except all the way down against the chair base.

My solution, was to get a piece of PVC pipe and split it in half. Then take the two sides and zip tie back together around the chair stem. The footrest now rests on the PVC pipe. I can’t easily adjust the height, but at least it stays put.

I would prefer if it had arms. There are holes in the seat base for the arms. Without knowing which arm to buy, it could get expensive finding the correct one.

Overall, an ok chair for the price.

Would the electric mechanism support a larger desk top if I were to replace it with say a 48 x 72 x 1 inch thick piece of masonite?

The desk deal seems to be really great except that crossbar. I’m worried that it pretty much won’t work in the low seated position without serious shin bruising. I could leave it in standing position and use the stool, but then do I really need fancy electronics.

Anyone have a similar model with the crossbar that can comment on the low seated position?

Pretty misleading to have the price for the lower item listed so you think the desk is $60. Just saying. :man_shrugging:

It’s showing that it can be lowered to use with a standard office chair.

The chairs we are selling are the taller chairs and are shown later in the photo gallery.

That happens with any combined sale. The price range is created automatically by our system. It’s not meant to mislead.

That’s awfully heavy material for a top,(well over a hundred lbs) are you thinking of using that for a solid surface work bench?
I would not recommend that for a substitute top on this mechanism!

I think the lift mechanism would likely be ok (but just). However, the total weight of the top plus any work would make this quite wobbly. I bought a similar model with the same legs, and while it’s no where near collapse, it does wobble with just a few monitors and ~50lbs of computer detritus. It’s fine for that kind of work, but I would not at all be comfortable using this as a worktop with powertools – it moves too much.

Was thinking of a 72 inch top from IKEA. Those are well under 30 pounds (hollow). But that crossbar…would need to be wrapped in foam or a pool noodle to save my shins…

A while back, Woot had a deal on just the base, without a desktop. I combined it with a 72 inch top from IKEA, and it works great.

Your shins will just have to take a beating if you want this lower priced desk–I suspect that is part of why it’s “on sale”. I’m considering one from Autonomous. They are more expensive, but not outrageous, and you can spare your shins.

Autonomous DIY kit is 249 and single motor 220 pound capacity. Add the top and it is close to this.
This my be the ‘better’ deal.

The cross bar is set back it will not touch your shins
It is a nice foot rest if you are sitting
Also this unit has dual motors THAT is a huge features
I could not find a dual motor desk less than 499
This is a great buy

Anyone know where I can buy this ?