Electrics Like A Big Boss

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I have never heard of Big Boss. Does any one know if they are any good?

Most hot water dispensers take a long time to boil. How does this do It in 9 seconds?

Every model of dispenser listed in this sale claims 9 seconds, but the wattages don’t make sense. I can believe that a 1700W water dispenser can boil water in 9 seconds (and reviews for that model elsewhere back it up), but I don’t see how a 700W water boiler can make the same claim. I see that in an Amazon review for the 700W model, the owner complained that the manual specifies that it takes 20 minutes.

Details are a bit sketchy on Boss 8847? Does this need to be plumbed? Does it have a tank?What is the tank capacity

Regarding the extremely dubious claim that it can boil 3 liters of water in 9 seconds, and based on my experience with one Zojirushi and one Rosewell dispenser of the same type, I believe they mean that it can boil 3 liters of water already heated to 208° in 9 seconds.

9 seconds is probably not typical, but a minute or less is. Unlike the kind of electric kettle that sits on a removable base and has a handle like a teapot, the purpose of this type is to retain a tank of always-ready-to-dispense hot water.

It uses nowhere near 700W as it idly maintains one of the 3 temperature settings (I used one of those Kill-a Watt devices to test when I was deciding whether it was something I could leave on without thinking about) – it only revs up the wattage when initially boiling or when “reboil” is pressed. Further, that’s rarely necessary even for coffee (at least in my experience; I can’t vouch for the Big Boss in particular, but the no-name Chinese ones like Rosewill have really been catching up with Zojirushi, who I think originated this type of always-on home kettle).

Dozens of names for the same products from China. The questions should be how well the importer will back their product.

“Big Boss 8218 1300 Watt Rapid Wave Holagen Convection Oven”

“Hologen?” I’m a little concerned when the company can’t spell the name of their product correctly.

Is the base GLASS or Plastic? I’ve seen both.

However, I have TWO of these Chinese halogen ovens with GLASS bases (other names on them - found -unused- for $8 to $20 at GW) and I like using them.

Not hard to clean and they can broil a steak, cook fish and chicken, do potatoes, etc.

I have stacked a steak over onions with good results.

The second one I found had an extension ring and I was able to cook a small turkey.

Halogen bulbs can be replaced with some research.

Only concern: the top assembly gets HOT and you need to be careful where you put it.

With magic fairy dust and all the hot air from creative copy-writing!

I’ve seen/used a similar looking dispenser when I was in China. It holds a tank of water at a high temp, so when you want to dispense boiling water, it doesn’t have to heat it that much more. When starting from cold water, it would take longer.

Spelling fixed.
My Google-fu found that the bowl is glass.

thanks for finding that on Amazon! The one good rating was shot down by two comments with one removed by Amazon *probably as the reviewer was really pissed by the poor product and possible false review hehehe

I have seen the Capresso sold here and I am pretty sure it is on Amazon. I love it after about 2 years of use. Reviews on Amazon are all over the place with 5s and 1s…

Glass is good. In a pinch it makes a heck of a punch bowl.

From the oil-less fryer description:

“sealing in juices”

Whenever you see/hear those words, it’s bovine excrement.

The oil-less fryer and the convection oven are quite literally the exact same product repackaged and rebranded.

The company doesn’t even try to hide it. They have the same item number for both and almost the same description.

Rosewill isn’t a “no name”, that’s Newegg’s company/store brand.