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Lots of coffee gadgets, but some other gear too. Who has a first hand review on these things? And is that burr grinder any good?


Why is it that the cover image for this home.woot Plus sale is an item from a different plus sale, and not sold in this one at all? (specifically the woot plus football party sale)

I’m kind of tired of the misleading cover art, and things being shown that aren’t for sale


According to the Amazon reviews, this grinder chokes on French Roast beans.


If you, or anyone in your household, eats popcorn get the popper!

Seriously, have you ever looked at the ingredients in a bag of microwave popcorn? gross.

To make popcorn with this popper: I tbs oil (I use canola oil) and 1/3 cup kernels. Plug it in and let it go. If you have company: 2 tbs oil and 2/3 cup kernels.

The low price of the kernels vs microwave popcorn will pay for the cost of the popper in no time.

While this is a refurb, it’s a good deal I bought mine at target and paid $25-30 bucks for it and think it was worth every penny. This would be a great gift for just about anyone, especially people with kids.

added bonus: cats will either be fascinated or terrified of this device.


Is there no waffle iron for sale? You can’t have a picture of a waffle iron and not have one for sale! That is just wrong.


I was so sad the last time that I missed the popper! I have an ancient hot air popper that I love (it’s older than I am, I stole it from my parents house after college) but it really needs upgrading. Geez woot, you are getting all my money this week! :smiley:


I agree. I came here for the waffle maker I saw in the picture, and then I couldn’t find it!. Also, On the coffee makers - The Specs tab really needs to include the wattage of the heating element. Please put specifications in the specifications area. What is the capacity of the carafe in some standard volumetric measure. We never know how big the manufacturer’s “cups” are. 8 U.S. fluid ounces? 6? 5?
How can I buy when I don’t know what’s for sale?


I purchased the grinder the last time they offered it on here, and I don’t have anything bad to say about it. I use it a few times a week for my coffee beans, and I feel as though my coffee is much better now! I would recommend it! Ive always been a coffee drinker, but am new to grinding. I recently had a coffee machine that would automatically grind the beans and transfer it directly to the filter, but I feel that the stand alone grinder is a better way to go because you can control how fine it is, and I think I’ve found the best consistency for my taste. I’d buy it again. Just my two cents.


Where is the Waffle Maker and how do I purchase it? How do you put the Waffle maker as the lead picture and not be selling a waffle maker?


The photos have to be prepared in advance. Sometimes items have to pulled from the sale at the last minute because they weren’t delivered to us in time or there was a change in product from the vendor. I’m sure there are other reasons too but those are the most common.

We really do try to represent the items in the sale but sometimes it just doesn’t work the way we hope.

Sorry. :frowning:


I got the Cuisinart Coffeemaker last go round. I give it two caffeinated thumbs up. I used the program feature this morning for the first time. Waking up to a fresh pot already made is a big improvement on attempting to brew a pot with an empty filter… or whole beans… or getting the coffee grounded into the filter in the pot and forgetting to either add water or turn it on.
I’m drinking the nth cup now, 9 hours post brew and it’s still sort of warmish. In all fairness the thermal carafe does keep it hot for several hours as the box says. I do believe I’ve gone well past that now. If I actually drank the entire pot in a few hours I’d be swinging from the treetops and unable to post this review. That would be tragic indeed.


Yeah! That’s what I was looking for too.


I have a stir crazy already and it’s amazing and makes tasty, tasty popcorn. I’m thinking about getting three more…one for each room.

Yeeehaw. I love popcorn.


I came for the waffle iron too. :slight_smile:
Note to woot: Need to run a sale on waffle irons!


Is anyone else upset that the main picture for this event is a waffle maker, yet no waffle maker is for sale?


My Dad is on his 2nd Wolfgang Puck 12-Cup Coffee maker. First one lasted 3-4 years, and he loved it so much he bought another.

Pros: Keeps coffee hot for a very long time without heating it so no burned flavor. Super easy to use. Pause-Brew button to grab a cup before a pot finishes.

Cons: there is a batch made with a bad top. The first one he got had it and Woot had it replaced for him. The second one was fine until an overflow a couple weeks ago, so he pulled the old carafe out and he has been rocking it out. Basically the coffee never makes it into the carafe and just flows on the outside down to the counter top. Bad.

He said he would buy another and he might buy one here as a backup. My parents require coffee and have always had at least one backup coffee maker in the box in the basement incase of breakage.


So much hate for the missing wafflemaker!

It seems to be more common than not that the item representing the sale, or the item in the footer image is not actually IN the sale.

I figured woot just re-purposed stock photos of something that is representative of the theme of the sale. So a waffle maker for a kitchen appliance sale, a safe for a secure-your-stuff sale, etc.


Amazon listing for the Espressione Supremma found here: http://www.amazon.com/Espressione-CA4865-Supremma-Super-Automatic-Beverage/dp/B002LFIQGC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

Somewhat mixed reviews, but overall, the consensus seems to indicate that there are some major design flaws. Easily clogs on finer grind settings, and some leakage issues that require constant maintenance and can possibly kill the electronics.

It’s too bad…I was eyeing that thing up.


Seriously? I want the waffle iron shown in the cover photo. Where is it?

None of the rest of this stuff interests me.