Electrolux Air Cleaners - 2 Styles

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Electrolux Air Cleaners - 2 Styles
Price: $139.99 - 229.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 11 to Tuesday, May 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the PureOxygen Allergy™ 150 and PureOxygen Allergy™ 400

about the PureOxygen Allergy™ 400
What is the input voltage of this product. I may use in Asia

The manual says 120v (no mention of any other compatibility)

What is it about air cleaners that they’re so inconsistent in quality? Much like every other air filtration unit ever sold on Woot!, the reviews on these are 60% people that think they’re the best thing since sliced white bread and 40% people that used them for a week to a couple months and they died.

I’d hoped that the Electrolux line would be better than the Wic/Winix - but nope.

Any “additional protection” available for these like on the mothership?? (e.g. - they offer 2 years for $33)

“Everything you know is wrong” applies to most American brand names from 40 or more years ago.

They are just NAMES with no connection to the original companies.

Most often, the name is licensed and slapped on some Chinese product from Haier, the “GE of China.”

Some products work great, but it is inconsistent just like products made in Russia on Mondays (when everyone is hung-over).

China still struggles with sub-contractors who cut corners.

I have a Chinese water distiller that works fine, EXCEPT the company that made the “stainless steel” nozzle cheated and it is rusting.

Hope this explains it. In short, good old USA brand names often mean absolutely NOTHING.

[Oh yeah, then you have to add in the idiots who post one star reviews based on nonsense, never reading the manual or delivery problems.]

Have a bit if fun by searching for “swedish asthma and allergy association.”

A lot of fake sites. Hmmmmmmm.

Then go to:


The people died or the unit died?

Who can say?

I did some research and found that the replacement filters for the 400 model on sale for $230, is $144. That filter has to be replaced at least every 12 months

There goes the deal for me!

I hate to break it to you, but Electrolux is a Swedish company.

Anyone know how well these things handle mold spores?

Before purchasing I would research the emission of ozone from purifiers like these. I know the company claims no ozone is emitted, but I still find it to be a concern. Most likely the device emits ozone but below a certain “safety” level.

Born with some wierd thing with the “o” is a swedish company but when I bought a set of $200 winter boots from them the boots were printed Made in China.

On the Amazon website, the country of origin for this item is the Republic of Korea.

Probably very, very carefully.:sweat_smile::joy:

The filters are $55 and $49 on the Amazon website. Electrolux EL049 and EL050. One is the carbon deodorizing filter and the other is the HEPA.