Electrolux Electrics

We have had a couple other brands of the Panini grill/griddle. They are great for cooking all sorts of stuff and if you’ve never had one, you will use it a lot more than your would think. Definitely one of the more useful kitchen countertop appliances. The main thing is how well is it made and how durable is it. I would NOT buy this one for a couple of reasons. The price is $99 on Amazon, so it’s no bargain here. 1500 watts is a lot for one circuit, the thing will trip the circuit breaker if you have anything else on that circuit, which most people do in a kitchen. Finally the reviews on Amazon are pretty negative comparing this one to other brands.

Been looking for a good toaster over for some time now. Every one I see is way too large. Don’t they make small toaster ovens any more?