Electrolux ErgoRapido 2in1 Stick Vac



Bummer. Was hoping for a steam mop.


I have had one of these, new from the store for about a hundred dollars a few years ago. It is a good “dust buster” and a pretty decent stick-vac. My only complaint was the longevity of the battery was bad. After probably 6 months the runtime was noticeably shorter, and it seemed to be less powerful somehow. Maybe I just got a dud. I didn’t send it back in, so don’t worry, nobody will be getting a refurb of my old one.


Nothing sucks like an Electrolux…


Worst purchase ever. stay away from this deal. If it was free it wouldn’t be worth the $5 shipping charge.


I love you Woot, but for $70 shipped you can have a brand new 12 Volt (vice 9.6), also NiMH model from Amazon:


Battery replacement isn’t very easy. It has a set of unusual tabbed batteries, Tenergy 2/3A Size Rechargeable Battery 1.2V 1600mAh NiMH W/ Tabs. They are tucked in a few different places in the handle and near the motor. If this does’t hold a charge, you’ll need a soldering iron and some funky batteries (they aren’t expensve).


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There seems to be a mistake. Everyone knows WOOT only sells Dyson


Well I love mine. I had this model that I bought refurbished and it lasted for over a year. It was actually still working, just with not as much power when I demanded that we replace it with the newer model available at Costco. You need to be sort of gentle with it because the handheld unit starts to get loose in its little cubby and then you start to lose power. My husband said it was fixable, but I wanted the gray model anyway so we swapped it out.

This is excellent for hard wood floor and a little less excellent on tile floor. It does work on low-pile carpet, but you’ll still need a regular vacuum if you actually want it clean and not just looking sort of clean.

It’s very easy to use and sort of propels itself. We can vacuum our whole house on one charge.

I’ve recommended these to friends and family and everyone has loved them. I will continue to purchase these FOREVER.

EDIT: I should note that I probably use mine more than the average person. We have two dogs and I vacuum with this up to three times a day and it handles it perfectly.


Got this last time. Great for pet hair. The filter cleans very easy, it has a metal part so it isn’t like the all cloth ones that need constant washing. Suction is great. Hooks into the charging stand with ease. Light and simple. Could not recommend more highly. A must for everything but carpet.


A quick google search and read some reviews. Almost nothing but complaints about the lack of suction. Buyer beware with this thing… especially if it’s ‘refurbished’.


Have one. Bought refurbished and works great for laminate flooring tile and low pile carpet. Great for a car vac also with the removable handvac. Have in the living room on the charger and makes a great night light. Have had over 2 yrs and no issues at all. Really easy to operate and empty.


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How long does it last once charged? IE, how long can I vacuum before it dies?

I have a couple of swiffers and each one has a different time that it lasts, but neither last long enough to do my whole house.

Of course the swiffer is less than half this price, but if this lasted a long time per charge, it might be worth it.


I own this. It’s decent for wood floors but is useless on carpet. I really only use it for dustbusting now, and occasionally cleaning up a small mess in the kitchen. Not bad for this price, but if you have carpet you’ll be disappointed. Also, I’ve used mine off and on (as a dustbuster) for two years and had no problem in terms of power. It is much less powerful when used as a stick vac.


A non Dyson vacum on Woot; Is that even legal?


I think people who purchase this intending to use it for carpet will be very disappointed, however it has wonderful suction on hard floors. Just make sure you keep it clean and it should last a long time. It very easily opens up for removal of excess dust or hair. I open mine up every couple of months to clean the internals and it only takes a few minutes and no tools are necessary.

I recommended this vacuum to my cousin and she keeps it in the kitchen and uses it for easy cleanup after the kids have eaten or done crafts, etc. She also loves it.

Again, this vacuum is NOT FOR CARPET.

I would say you’ll get about 30 minutes full power and maybe another 30 on low power. I can vacuum our entire house twice on one charge, but we have a small house. It charges up pretty quickly as well.


We’re on our second one over the past several years (my first one was red). They battery does seem to quit holding much of a charge after about two or so years.

We’re in for two - one to put away as a gift for my parents.

We definitely recommend this one. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how this does with cat litter? I have all hardwood and laminate tile floors and sweeping every other day is a pain.