Electrolux Oxygen 3 PlasmaWave HEPA Air Purifier

Here is the Amazon Review page: http://www.amazon.com/Electrolux-EL490A-Oxygen3-PlasmaWave-Purifier/product-reviews/B001Q3KS9I

Description says “Automatic Cleaning – The Odor Sensor will sense foreign odors in the air and automatically adjust the fan speed according to the cleaning level required”

So,if somebody farts while sleeping, the fan goes nuts?

Anyone know if you have to purchase replacement filters and if they are readily available?.

I have two other air filter units at home that you can take out and clean and place back in the unit so you don’t have the added periodic cost of purchasing new filters (which also may be impossible to find in a year).

Captain, I canna hold the filters together much longer, the plasmawaves are getting too strong…

on another note: http://electroluxservice.stores.yahoo.net/fitlers.html

filters look to be $20 to $30 from Electrolux, cheaper than some other sites I looked at.

How will this do with cigarette smoke? I am moving in with my mother (groan) who smokes two packs a day (groan x 2) and need to turn my room into a smoke free zone. I will be weather stripping the door, but don’t want to have to plug up the central air.

Just for noise comparison: this is rated at 26 dB.
A library is about 30 dB
A refrigerator hum is about 40 dB

It says it meets FDA standards for medical devices, which is 0.050ppm I believe, which is a relatively small amount of O3. I wouldn’t be too worried, unless your using it a couple feet from your speakers, pointing in their direction.

The best way to eliminate litter box odors is to change the litter box.

Found the generic/original version… along with replacement filters. Click here…

They are selling it for 200 bucks and free shipping… so is basically half off here.

Replacement filter packs are $90 there… haven’t looked around for other replacement filter prices yet.

HAHAHA great point. Though it must not know what to do, considering it’s supposedly extra quiet when you sleep.

I found the filters at allbrands.com The Hepa one is $40, and the Carbon filter is $20. No clue on how often they need to be replaced though.

Does anyone know how much air this purifier moves at it’s different fan speeds? I have borrowed an Oreck air purifier. On the low (quiet) setting, it moves very little air. On the high setting, it is too loud to want to be in the same room with it…

If you feed your cat only dry cat food there is no litter box odor. Canned cat food smells like POOP!

The ones specifically for the PlasmaWaves are not 20 - 30 bucks there… but some universal fit ones are. If it were me, I would stick to the ones specific to the model.

$50 for the HEPA filter… $10 for the carbon filter… $80 for the combo pack of 1 HEPA and 4 carbons. Similar to other sites.

Unfortunately, ozone has been linked to respiratory diseases. It’s worth reading the EPA summary, but briefly, if the machine Woot’s selling today truly meets the FDA standard, it really doesn’t have any effect on anything airborne, from diseases to odors. Still, if there’s any way to keep it turned off, or to permanently disable it, that would be a very good idea.

They look to be available in many places… so far the same unit has been found as a generic PlasmaWave 5300, Winix PlasmaWave 5300, and the Electrolux Oxygen 3 PlasmaWave HEPA Air Purifier. Basically, if you see a PlasmaWave filter of any brand, should fit.

Intentional or not, you’ve made a good point: the sensors will completely ignore some AWFUL odors (like fresh cat poop) but will go nuts if you breath near them after eating a toasted plain bagel. They do detect dust well. They are of limited us. Best to set it to the lowest speed that works for you, and raise it as needed. That’s one reason the remote is so handy.

I have the Winix 5300. This looks exactly like it. It works great. Plasmawave technology is not the same as the ionic crap that was more of a marketing gimmic than anything else. Here’s a good review link and explanation of the technology.

I got mine for 150.00. This is a good price, might buy another.

Yes, if you have one cat and happen to be home and awake when the “event” occurs. People who sleep and have cats will understand what I’m talking about.

Chili night is hell on this thing!