Electronic Rodent & Bug Repeller

I just got 3 of these delivered. The directions say these are out of the range of hearing of humans and most household pests such as rats, mice, cockroach, silverfish, ants, earwigs, and waterbugs. Looks like they are just for mosquitoes. Not quite what I thought I was getting.

Aren’t there any setting for certain range/animals?

No settings anywhere. I got them to help keep bugs from coming in under my back door. But the directions say it’s not for the bugs I need to keep from my home. Only mosquitoes.
Hoping the admins see this and provide more info. Can one of the staff or admins let me what they work on, and if not what was advertised, can I get a refund?

Thanks for sharing this. The description clearly states that it “works for rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, etc.” so, if it actually doesn’t, then I won’t purchase it. I’d be fairly frustrated and upset about the hassle and waste of time of having purchased only to have to return or request a refund. Hopefully Woot makes that the smooth painless as possible process they should in this case.

Yes, I’m hoping it’s an easy refund. Directions claim the exact opposite of what led me to buy them. I’ll give it until tomorrow, then I’ll send in my issue.

Mr/Mrs Woot did just give me a refund. Great thing about Woot is they take responsibility when something isn’t right. Keeps me coming back!