Electronics Crazy Clearance Blowout!

Bought this over a year ago from Woot. Has worked great. The tv speakers cannot compare. You will not need the tv volume as loud, when using the bar. The remote is so small it is easily misplaced. GREAT PRICE. I paid over $100 for mine and is well worth that price.

Stop it Woot. You’re embarrassing yourself. I will not buy your pot speakers, no many how many times you try.

Okay…maybe if you try one more time.

Please help us get rid of these :frowning:

Do I smell a perfect BOC option?

Which one?

Was thinking about getting the JLab Supra headphones and while looking at these Amazon reviews, a lot of the recent ones say they suck or that they are decent for the price. While Amazon is selling it for 44$ and Woot is only doing 9.99, I don’t want to purchase these if they would breakdown in the next couple of months. Anyone on here have a history with these headphones?

I have been using a pair of low rider Skullcandy headphones for I don’t know how long (maybe 4 years) and the right side has crapped out. Now I could just got get another pair but when I spotted these here, I thought I would try something different and also they look pretty sweet.

The JLab FIT earbuds are the absolute WORST headphones I’ve ever had. Purchased from woot a while back, the last I saw them was in a pile in the corner of my gym, where I threw them after reaching maximum frustration one day.

I guess they sounded OK, but they just don’t stay in at all.

I’m looking at the Supersonic Magic Induction speaker, and in the “Features” description it says, “Magically Amplifies the Sound of Your Music Player…”

I just want to be sure I can return this if it does not actually work by magic, like if it’s just magnets or something.

It’s magic if you believe it’s magic. Do you believe in magic?

Pinnacle PBAR 6200 is cheaper on Amazon RIGHT NOW with free shipping!

C’mon Woot. Found it by accident looking for reviews, and I know it’s only a couple of bucks… but lets get some deals, man!

Good catch. They probably lowered their price to match ours. Dirty dogs. There’s only 2 left at that price and then it goes WAY up.

Check the skullcandy website before you buy a new pair - they offer a lifetime warranty for any “non-destructive” wiring malfunction or issues, so basically if you didnt run them over, stomp on them or bash them with a hammer they will offer you a gift code to pick out a new pair that’s equivalent to what the headphones are worth. I’ve replaced 2 pair of 50/50’s now and switched to the Fix model (which I hate, as soon as these crap out I’m going back to the 50/50s)

I wish I had seen you comment before buying these :triumph: I am sitting here trying to bend and shape the stupid earpieces to go in/stay in my ear. They make no sense!


I should have read the reviews before purchasing these - I bought 2 sets and I regret the purchase as much as one can for $20 down the drain.

The bendy, adjustable parts by the buds don’t hold shape, so they’ll pull the buds out of your ears.

And if you let them just hang, they’re heavy enough they’ll pull the buds out of your ears.

And then there’s the switch to answer calls - it’s on constantly, so if the cord jiggles just a little bit, it cuts out of whatever you’re listenting to.