Electronics For Your Patio

I got one of the little BT speakers (the one in the Event Page banner photo) the last time this deal came around. Easy to use, sounds great, amazing deal. I think I’m going to need to grab a couple more.

I was wondering if anyone has had good success with the wireless outdoor speakers working with a receiver inside? The manual says it needs its own input channel, but do you lose all the other speakers if you have to choose that channel? Maybe im overthinking it…

I always thought wireless meant you didn’t have to have wires connected to it.

Wireless implies that you don’t have to plug it into a signal source. Not that it doesn’t require power. The term for that is usually [portable]

anyone know if the AR speakers will charge NiMH batteries when they are plugged in? My indoor ones do, and I would love a pair that I can keep plugged into an outlet in the pool house then pull out by the pool when I want to use them…

I am curious. The descrition says you can use it with your TV as a remote speaker.
Acoustic Research 5RWS3 900MHz Portable Wireless Speaker

Does anyone have any experience with this? We would like to get one for Gandma so she doens’t make the rest of us deaf when she watches TV.

Here are the manuals:

Will this recharge batteries - I do not believe so. The manual makes no reference to rechargable batteries, only that the speaker will run off of the included AC adapter or 6x AA-batteries.

Important to also note that the transmitter ONLY runs off of its own AC adapter - no batteries. And even though the transmitter only accept RCA Red/White (R/L) stereo inputs, there’s an included 3.5mm-to-RCA patch cord, so you can jack it into your home stereo OR your MP3 player/iThing just fine.

You are over thinking it. You can have your inside speakers on A channel and outside on B channel. I have a selector switch on the B channel and have it running to 2 sets of outdoor speaker and 3 sets of in room speakers. Once you get beyond 3 sets of speakers on at once you need to have the volume cranked way up. If you are using outdoor speakers they tend not to be as loud so make sure your amp and speakers can handle it.

I got one of these CraigBT speakers i was surprised how loud it actually got. The battery charge is decent also.

I am soooooooooooo sad I did not purchase more of these. I bought two and I am sitting here listening to great sound. It was very very easy to set up with my blue tooth…love it