Electronics For Your Summer Road Trip

Craig Electronics CMP749 7" Android Tablet

According to Amazon, this device has a 1.2GHz processor, and hasn’t been released yet. Huh??

might wanna look again - http://www.abcwarehouse.com/product_catalog/pc_proddetails.asp~prod_id~34261

Um, is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why, if I am on a ROAD TRIP, I would be going anywhere near an AIRPORT (where said weird vending machines supposedly are)???

But does Craig Electronics make good stuff?

Does anyone know if the Craig CMP749 tablet has built in gps?

no thanks, 12" chromebook for same price means I go for that instead

I love taking pics but despise taking video. However I know kids enjoy watching themselves in video and will bring nice memories in the future. I don’t want anything fancy, mostly for outdoors events. I currently use a flip mino and the video from my lumix lx5. It would be enough except that I need more zoom. Would the samsung be good enough? Or the Sony? Thank you

Wow. Craig’s Customer Service answered my email very promptly. It doesn’t have built in gps, but they were certainly responsive. And honest.

Craig is a really old company. Low end car stereo etc. Not bottom of the barrel but not hi end either. If you had to rate it poor, fair, better or best… it would probably be rated fair +. Or better -.

Anyone have any experience with teh uNu PB-01-5000BS Enerpak Tube Flash 5000mAh Battery Pack for iPhones, iPads, iPods & Other Smartphones. My current travel charger will only give my SG3 about a 60-70 percent charge. Will this really recharge it 3 times?

Does this Craig tablet really support Google Play Store and the other main stream apps? Last time I bought an inexpensive tablet, it had generic everything, including the app store.

Just chiming in with my me-toos. I’ve bought a couple of their newer bluetooth speakers. They’re good quality for the money without any issues or anything screaming, “My value is direly overhyped!” Cases are sturdy but not indestructible, and for the speakers sound is, as said above, fair+ but good for the size, battery consumption (long life!), and definitely the price.

As far as the tablet goes, if you’re looking for an Android babysitter or a bedside IDGAF tablet, this is decidedly superior to the aging NookColor or similar big-brand devices. In addition, it’s probably superior in build quality to the thousand or so Chinese generics, but that’s entirely an educated guess without hard empirical evidence.

These small batch Android devices don’t typically have a locked bootloader. If you’re eager to flash the newest JellyBean 4.2.2 splat ROM, your best bet is to give Craig’s custserv line a poke for whether or not their device is ROOT out of the box. Check out the generic devices XDA forums and
build/download a nice universal recovery script, make your backups, and flash all Mods and Bacony goodness. Strike that, (seriously, Woot, where’s my strike-through tags?) I lied. The Craig tablets are AllWinner A10 devices and don’t quite have a ready compatibility patch done yet. They’re in the works, however.

On these battery packs, use 70% of the rated capacity as a guide to how much will actually make it to your device. The SG3 has a 2100mAh battery, so this won’t quite charge it twice from 0%. Twice from 30% should be no problem.
Hope that helps.

I forgot that you mentioned “iPad”. Almost all large (10") tablets require 2 amps, this device only provides one. So, IF it will charge an iPad at all, it will be extremely slow. And the charging indicator on the device will actually show it not charging.

Suggest you search Amazon for “battery pack ipad”. There are a LOT of choices. More power (heavier too of course), more amps, more usb ports, etc.

Thanks eyounts. I think I will give this a try. Not much info available out there for it.

I too use a flip camera(Ultra HD) and i love it. I also have an older verson of the sony on here(not HD). The zoom is great but when you start to get into digital zoom the image gets a little blurry and shaky, but thats pretty standard on any camera.

There are two main factors to consider when looking at the zoom on a camera.

1: Optical Zoom; this is the zoom that the lens can physically move inside the camera. This is the better type zoom. In this case, the Samsung has a 52x and the Sony has a 25x optical zoom,(30x extended zoom on the Sony). I personally dont have experience yet with the extended zoom but from other reviews i read, it has little overall effect on the zoom and quality.

2: Digital Zoom: essentially this is the zoom the cameras processor can digitally “recreate” the image. Its like taking a picture and using photoshop to zoom in on a particular part of the picture, with the exception of this being video. The Samsung has a 130x and the Sony has a 300x digital zoom.

Hope this helps in reference to the zoom. If you have any other questions, just ask. My personal bottom line would be the Sony over the Samsung. In my experience (underwater photography instructor) Sony has a better product(note: Sony has removed this product for some unknown reason). That being said i have a Samsung tv and cell phone and i like and trust samsung devices just as much.

Samsung Website. 4.0 out of 5.0

Amazon: 4.0 out of 5.0

Sony Website. 3.5 out of 5.0

Amazon: 4.0 out of 5.0