Electronics for Your Summer Swim Party

the photoshop pictures are priceless. you would need a pretty loud speaker to hear it over an angle grinder.

I like how it says “water proof” and shows a picture of a swimmer wearing them but when you check the description they’re “water resistant”.

We checked with our vendor. They are waterproof per the specs to

IPX8 Marine Grade Rating (10 ft Depth)

Really interested in getting the waterproof headset. But a bluetooth range of only 33 Feet [less than half of a standard lap pool] won’t work for most lap swimming. Fantastic range for a home pool OTOH.

Or is this “optimal” range and it likely will go further?

Bluetooth is more of a short-range wireless technology. What I’ve seen after some research a while back is that 33ft is about average. maybe less if you have interference.

Thanks. Guess i’ll look into one with built in storage.

But to help out other folks, i’ll petition the pool’s owner to drain the pool so the water does not interfere with their headphone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a logical solution to me. :tongue:

An idea for those who may be wanting to use the bluetooth headset while swimming. If you have a rugged type/waterproof smartphone, or a waterproof case for your smartphone/mp3 player, you could take both with you. Never tried this personally, but I’m thinking about getting both because I’m interested in taking up swimming.

Looking for info on these k3 bags, i ordered one, but can i expect to submerge it and keep water out?

Anyone know anything about these Pyle speakers? Want one for river floats. Can’t seem to find how waterproof they really are.

I was looking for the same. One is listed at IP47 the Pyle Sport but the rest just talk about marine grade construction. Oh and the manual says to keep away from liquids! Lol

I find it hilarious that a speaker that is supposed to be splash proof and rugged has no mention of an IPX rating anywhere.

The best part of the manual I found is this:

Then again, the manual also talks about how to pull directly on the plug, not on the cord, to remove the power plug from a wall outlet…

I received my Pyle solar floating Bluetooth speaker today, and it’s mediocre at best, even though I was so excited to try it. It connected easy, but beaks up constantly, even though my iPhone was poolside and it was floating no more than ten to twenty feet away. The volume is really low… No chance of disturbing the neighbors. It was a 70.00 chance I took. 70.00 I should have put towards a margarita machine…c’est la’vie.

I received my Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (the one with the handle that looks like a tiny boombox). Worked very well, sound quality was pretty crisp and clear. I’m no audiophile but I do appreciate good clear sound.

Didn’t tempt fate and test the waterproofness by dunking it, but I did use it beside a pool. Worked great, and it affords nice peace-of-mind to store my phone far far away from the water. I wouldn’t call it “loud”, but it gets loud enough that we can enjoy it.

Listening to Margaritaville, sipping drinks and bobbing around a pool. Da life.

Just got this Pyle PWR95SBK Aqua SunBlast Floating Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker System in time for Memorial Day. It’s back in the box, you cannot even hear the music playing while it’s in the pool. Garbage!