Electronics Garage Sale

25 bones for those who are willing to check out a certain river. 24 for some of the less popular colors.

Since there is no indication in the photos nor description nor specs, what type of connector is on this thing?

See the second photo.

I purchase 1 white 1 black Uniden MOOV626

The black one looked like it had been opened, scratches on dial and it vibrates/rattles like crazy with bass.

The White one looks brand new does not rattle with the same exact bass but it does play, cut out, play cut out both with wired and bluetooth.

Anyone else having problems?

Wondering if these NEW speakers were in fact defective returns on amazon?

Sorry for the trouble you’re having, that stinks. You can check the Features tab on the sale page to check the warranty.

If you need any extra help, you can reach out to support@woot.com; CS can check into things.