Electronics Garage Sale

False advertising. I was expecting some 8-tracks in here.

Heh. I found 40+ 8-track tapes at a garage sale last year. That’s what’s in the pic. They went into random BOCs last fall.

Please clear this up. The Foscam says that the model is FI8916WB, but the description calls it the Foscam FI8916W.
Is there a difference? The picture on Amazon of the Foscam FI8916W seems different from the picture here. Also, it is cheaper on Amazon with free shipping, too. $48.39 plus $5 less shipping.

B = Black, is my guess.

Here it is on Amazon, same unit, for $74.99. You must have been looking at a different item.

And here it is on Foscam.

It’s difficult to find information (or helpful pictures) online for the TomTom 9UOB05203 hands-free Car Kit. Does it have a 3.5mm audio output to connect to a car stereo or does it only have the jack for the microphone input?

Sorry, no 3.5mm jack on that TomTom.