Electronics Swap Meet

There’s a mixture of stuff, and I’m sure you all have opinions on how well they play Angry Birds - so let’s dive right in!

I caved and bought myself one. Apparently 2.2 is now available. If you do your research, the android market is accessible as well. So, for fifty bucks I thought, what the hell?

I bought this exact tablet the last time it was here on sellout,

gave it to my daughter for back to school gift.

It never worked, I received an email today saying that woot no longer had these in stock, but I see them here - in stock.

Who uses ThinPad? I will give it out as a gift.

galaxy tab plus was a bad deal can get it 4 $250 on samsclub.com

Link? All I see for that price is the 7" Galaxy Tab 2 8GB.

Re: Velocity Tablet

I bought one too. Complete garbage, 9 out of 10 times it won’t wake up unless you reset it with a paperclip. Least responsive touchscreen I have ever seen.

No updates available for the OS, no custom firmware to remove the cruft. Velocity considers this to be EOL.

Google app doesn’t work. Very few available apps work on 2.2 any more.

It’s basically unusable except for the kindle app, which is painfully slow.

Ended up just throwing it away.

I don’t know what anybody that sells or uses a laptop or desktop of any sort is thinking. If the only thing that device is used for is email or surfing the web, than 2Gb of ram may be enough. Max out the memory every time, ram is cheap. A minimum of 8Gb is needed to work and play these days. If the computer can’t take 8 or more Gb of ram, don’t buy it.