Element 26” Class 720p LCD HDTV

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Element 26” Class 720p LCD HDTV [Refurbished] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Element ELCHW261 26” 720p LCD HDTV

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Product Website

And some excellent reviews at Walmart

It has almost a 5 star rating on Walmart’s website and 27 out of 28 people would recommend it to a friend:

Walmart’s Review Site

anyone have personal experience with this manufacturer? I can’t seem to find any reviews except for WalMart, and am a bit worried about purchasing a refurb off-brand.

I found a page that has a FEATURE and SPECs list - sure to answer most questions that will be posted here!

Elements 26" 720p LCD HDTV Super Guide. Also has a good writeup.

Looks like Walmart review gives it 5 stars

I bought this exact same TV at Walmart today for $239.99. My local Walmart is renovating and had a boat load of TV’s on clearance. It has a 1-year warranty (says on the box), so I picked it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one does too, but Woot lists it as 90 days.

Initially, it looks pretty nice. The auto program didn’t take long, and the sound is definitely adequate. I hung it on the wall pretty quickly and was ready to watch within 5 minutes or so. The remote is so-so, but overall, it’s a great TV for the price!

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Heh! Funny! :slight_smile:

Who would have thought about reading the sales page for info about a product. Personally i never trust “sales pages” tho…

Over the air only - no cable tuner?

I have cable plugged directly into the television - no box.

You should call your cable provider and ask if an ATSC tuner will work.

would have jumped on this for sure if it was a 1080p with native resolution 1900 by 1200 (or 1080). I would like to an hdtv that could double up as my second monitor.

I have had one of these for a few months, not a bad TV, BUT viewing angle suck, if you are not looking directly at it from the very front, the colors are off. BUT using a wall mount angleing at my bed, it works well, but I would not recommend it for anything where you might be watching it from any other angle then the directly in front of it

I purchased an Element brand TV from Circuit City about 3 years ago. I still have it and use it as my main TV. It has been a very reliable TV and I haven’t had any trouble with it.

If you got a 1-year warranty on a refurbished TV you bought at Wal*mart, then I’d be awfully surprised.

Anyone know if this thing is dual voltage. I’d have it shipped to my house in the US but want to know if it’ll work here in Italy too. Thanks.

To answer my own question (in case anyone else is wondering), it’s 120V only according to the manual.

I personally have a 20" Element LCD TV that I bought for use in my bedroom, & I’ve been really impressed with it so far. Picks up all the local digital HD stations with just a standard antenna attached, has great picture & sound, & more inputs on the back than I expected. I currently have my Wii hooked up to it via Component cables, & have previously also had a PC hooked into it via the HDMI port. :slight_smile:

I might actually recommend that my in-laws pick up this 26" for their sunroom, to replace their old TV that got fried recently.