Element 40” 1080p LCD HDTV

Element 40” 1080p LCD HDTV

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    1 Element ELCHW402 40” 1080p LCD HDTV, 2 HDMI, ATSC Tuner


Consumer Reports

features at HDTV Review


Has pretty good reviews.


It does seem pretty obvious what these are refurbished for after reading those reviews. Power issues seem common with this model.

Here’s the manual


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I Keep my tv equipped with a 120 hz refresh rate set at 60 hz. If you turn on the 120 hz rate it uses the processor to create a frame between frames. This creates a strange look in my opinion, it makes all movies and tv look smooth like a documentary film or a home movie shot on a cheap camcorder.

edit: hz, not ghz.

This comparable set will be available as a Target doorbuster Friday morning for $298:

I’m seriously considering getting this TV, but first I really need more info like reviews, opinions of the brand, etc. I’ve never bought this big of a product from Woot, especially refurbished, should I be nervous. Money is an issue so I don’t know if I could afford the $50 warranty.

Previous Woot

60 Hz vs. 120 Hz:

Check out this article on response rates.

or this one

I for one have a 20" Element LCD in my bedroom, & I love it. Works great, has all the hookups I’d ever need on the back. No complaints at all. Why pay more for a fancy name brand, IMO? If I had the money, I’d grab this Woot for sure.

Element’s home page


Quick Start Guide

Is that the Mississippi River in NOLA on the screen?

Does anyone know if this TV can get Clear QAM signals?

(I dont know if the atsc tuner does that or if it is only for Over The Air)

There is this at Consumer Reports:

“QAM digital tuner - Yes”

Does this mean I should throw out my 3 year old 60Hz TV’s and upgrade them to 120 or 240Hz ones because they didn’t have 120+Hz technology?

That’s Hz. ghz would be somewhat higher than necessary.