Element 4K Smart LED TV-Fire TV Edition

Element 4K Smart LED TV-Fire TV Edition

Not sure how good these TV’s are, but it’s $10 more at my local Target. Seems like it would be worth it to get it local and have an easier return.

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Do they block apps like Vudu and YouTube on this device? Not much point in buying this TV if I can’t access my video library.

I had an Element TV that broke right after the warranty ended. It was a dumb one, not smart, but just my 2¢ with this brand in the past.

Fire edition in any appliance or electronics is usually a bad thing. How about a Fire Edition Toaster?

Love my Roku TV’s. I have 6 of them. Wouldn’t touch a fire tv.

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I have one of these. Love it. Biggest gripe is that the remote, like all amazon remotes, died after a year and it is impossible to find a replacement, so we have to use the app. Very cumbersome.

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We have 2 of the 55" version. Love them! Good picture, and the built in FireTV is excellent. The Plex app support is great too.

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Rather useless comment. How about explaining why? Other than you’re a Roku fan that is.

I have ROKU TVs the Amazon fire looks so similar, I’m guessing they are siblings!

I have the 55" version of this exact TV. Picture quality is average at best. It struggles with blacks.
I don’t have much complaints about the Amazon ecosystem here…Plex works great. DirectvNow works well. And I do like the integrated OTA guide.

But one thing absolutely P’s me off about this TV. The inputs. I have a computer hooked to one of the HDMI inputs. And every so often the screen will go black, but the sound will still be there. The only way to fix it is to press the home button and then go back into the input. And anecdotally, it seems to happen more often if there is a lot of white on the screen…say if you’re watching a youtube video but not full screen. Or if you’re typing a comment on woot’s page…like literally just happened.
This is literally a 2-3 times every hour type of thing.
And yes, I’ve read the Amazon reviews…others have said they have the same problem. So be wary of this TV if you plan to use the HDMI inputs on it.

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They do block the youtube app, but also have a browser app built in that will allow you to navigate to youtube, but that is kinda cumbersome.

I can’t speak for Vudu, but despite the YouTube “app” being gone, you can set up an icon for “YouTube.com” which automatically opens YouTube on the browser, and the interface is identical to the app. It’s what my kids use and it’s not bad at all.

I bought this TV (55") on Prime Day in 2017 for a similar price, and for the money I’m pretty happy with it. 4k videos do tend to get a weird strobing effect sometimes (not sure if that’s the right verbage, but people who have seen it probably know what I’m talking about), but the 1080p quality is much better than my previous TV. The built-in tuner is a great feature too.

I bought mine the same day. I love it. Solid as a rock, picture quality is definitely not as amazing as a TV that costs double the price but was perfect for what I paid (which was more than this :slight_smile:). I have mine mounted in the bedroom and use it every day. I prefer the FireTV interface to the Roku and other smart interfaces (minor bias but it is WAYY faster for Amazon content and Netflix runs like a dream, and the YouTube wrapper is indistinguishable from a native app for me - it’s snappy and fully functional for everything we do with it with an army of kids to get their fix).

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I have one, and it’s been nothing but a problem. TV would refuse to come back on, had to try unplug it, let it sit, plug it back in, maybe it would come back on, maybe it wouldn’t. Even the REMOTE was a problem! Just a couple of weeks ago, it just stopped working. Made sure brand new batteries were in it, still nothing. I could walk over and manually turn the TV on and off, but not navigate through all the menus, etc. So finally I gave up, bought a new remote on Amazon, which worked right off the bat, of course. Then a day or so later, I tried the original remote that came with the TV again–and now it works… Stay away! There are better brands, like Samsung, and you can get as good of a deal. This is garbage.

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Element is a bottom tier producer. You get what you pay for. Buyer beware.

Kinda late in the day for it, but I do own one of these:

  1. As noted above, YouTube is blocked on it - by Google, who wants you to buy a Google device instead. That said, you can get a workaround app (also called YouTube) and view it that way, so no big deal (no need to user a browser app, though that also works).

  2. My TV died about a week after having turned it on. Just wouln’t come back on again. Took SEVERAL go-throughs with Element support to work it out, as each time I’d be told to “test x, if that doesn’t work, start a new chat/call and we’ll repair/replace it” - thing is, each new call made me retest all the previous person’s ideas, plus a new one, so it took a bit to get the guy who finally said “ok, we’ll replace it.” They also tried - briefly - to make me pay to ship it to them (from Ohio to California), but in the end they sent someone to pick it up. They took maybe two weeks to get me a replacement, but that one has been working for over a year now and all seems with the TV itself.

  3. The remote sucks. Whoever designed it violated the Geneva Convention. It worked for maybe a month or two, then switched to randomly dying (requiring the batteries to be removed and re-inserted to fix - sometimes a few times, which is a pain because they fit in VERY tight), then finally to dead. No clear reason why that I can see (never handled roughly and the batteries in it are a-ok), but the remote doesn’t work anymore. New ones run at about $30 or so, sometimes more, and it does NOT support a regular Fire TV Stick remote - it needs one made for the TV, which is stupid. If you plan to control with the phone app, a tablet, an Echo, or a game-controller, great - we do that now and it’s not a huge deal, but it wasn’t what we intended. Also, if any of those de-sync (using wireless), you need a USB-capable device (xbox controllers or keyboards work) handy to control the TV so you can re-pair them, which definitely sucks.

Honestly, my initial troubles with getting a replacement and all didn’t bother me much - I did get the replacement in the end, and didn’t pay for that, so, hey, I waited an extra bit to get it. Not the biggest deal to me, though it might be to you. I’d almost still recommend the things regardless of that, if it weren’t for the damn remote being so…well, unforgivably bad. “A remote! A remote! My kingdom for a remote!” Hopefully the newer Fire Edition TVs are better, but I’d pass on this one entirely because of the remote - now that I’ve got mine I’m keeping it and all, but if I was buying again I’d find something with a bit less hassle.

Mine arrived completely…I mean completely busted and it had to be that way prior to shipping because it is taped together! Not one but two, 2, kinds of tape. Utterly disgusted that anyone would think this is okay!!!