Element 65" LED 1080P 120HZ TV

It’s the same price to be at a Sam’s club for new. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/65-120hz-led-1080p-3-hdmi/prod15920664.ip

Walmart is selling it for $20 more for new. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Element-ELEFS651-65-1080p-120Hz-Class-LED-HDTV/44185461

Amazon no longer has it.

Sams: Out of stock online

Walmart: $69.97 shipping surcharge

Walmart will let you ship to a walmart near you and you receive FREE shipping.

Not that I ever go to Walmart, but one of the worst parts about buying a TV online is having it shipped to your door. I had 3 TVs killed from UPS/Fedex mishandling the delivery from Amazon. So sometimes it nice to be able to pickup from a store.

Not to mention that I was only giving Woot the PRICE that walmart has it in store. I think at this point, there is very few people that do not have a Walmart close to them. So, it was basically showing you that your price for a refurbed is way off for myself. And since it took close to 7 hours for the first person to buy it, many other seem to agree.