Element Armor Car Care Combo Kits - Your Choice

I bought “The Game Changer” product last time. It’s great! It’s an instant wax that you mist on and rinse off. Super easy to use and lasts a long time - like two months. Expect to get about 5 uses from a 16 oz. bottle.

You do have to wipe dry your car after rinsing. The first time I used it, I just drove away from the wash booth with my car wet. I ended up with some speckles on the hood. Once I re-rinsed my car, everything was fine. My bad because the instructions were clear.

Directions from the bottle

  1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle.
  2. While the vehicle is still wet, mist the product on the surface.
  3. Thoroughly rinse with a strong stream of water.
  4. Dry the vehicle.

Here’s the listing from last time.


Here’s the manufacturer’s site:


Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re glad you like the product.

One word when it comes to cleaning a car: Norwex