Element Armor The Game Changer - 16oz

This stuff seems to be flying off the shelf. Wonder if this is the same stuff they spray on at the car wash when you get “Burts best” package. But they do wipe it off. Never put much faith in these spray on no touch wax formulas. Kind of like those Brush-less car washes.

Thank you for your interest. We LOVE this product and hope you will too. The Game Changer instantly bonds to the surface and provides months of protection as opposed to a week (at best) of the car wash wax. I invite you to check out our website (http://elementarmor.com/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=213) or search it on YouTube to watch videos of how quick and easy this product is to use. This truly is a product you have to see to appreciate.

Thanks again for your interest and we hope you take advantage of this discounted offer through Woot.

Have a great day!

We could use some rain around here, so I decided to wash my car and test The Game Changer that arrived a few days ago.

My car was badly in need of a waxing. I typically alternate between a do-it-yourself spray booth and a regular car wash every few weeks.

I took it to the spray booth today. After my brush scrub and rinse, I sprayed the product on. The bottle comes with a fine mist sprayer. Vertical surfaces were a bit hard to cover. I probably used a little more than three ounces to cover my Kia Soul. I would not say I covered every spot. I think it would be very easy to use more product and nearly impossible to use only 2 ounces unless you had the smallest sub-compact.

I rinsed it off. The water beaded up immediately. It was impressive.

When I got home I notice some tiny speckles on the hood. I’m not sure if the product clumped around tiny bits of pollen that I didn’t wash off well or if I applied too much product or I didn’t rinse well. The hood was the only area with speckles. I would be interested to hear anyone else’s experience.

The surface of the car feels silicon wax slick everywhere. It looks good. I think I can get five waxes from the one bottle.

Thank you for commenting about your experience! We’re thrilled that you like the product. We appreciate your business.

As a followup, we got a little rain the other night and it beaded up nicely on my car almost two weeks later. It is definitely more durable than the car wash booth stuff.

More rain as another week passes and this stuff is still holding up.

Definitely a lazy man’s solution to an easy wax job.