Element Intel Core i7, GTX 1070, 1TB+240GB Desktop

Couldn’t tell but lots of fans but no water cooling? I would think thats a standard thing now for gaming rigs

If you check the specs, this does have liquid cooling.

Hey Guys we’re back! This time with an all new lineup of the latest hardware.

Message us or post here for special requests!

Any chance of more specific specs regarding the motherboard and power supply?

Same question just with the memory. Brand, is it OC’d and how many slots are being used to obtain the 16gb?

Could someone (preferabbly the rep) please specify what brand/type of mobo this is using and more deep details specs about the pc? Like:

  1. the memory configuration and type

  2. the type of water cooling

  3. does it come with a dvd drive? I dont see it on the case and its declared:
    24x DVDRW

  4. Does it come with the keyboard/mouse? Its not mentioned anywhere in the specs page, but its shown on the second screenshot…

And anything else?

Also what is the base reference for this machine? Was looking at @ http://www.ibuypower.com/Product/LandingPage/Element seems one of them has to be the base or is it.


Here is a link to the motherboard included in the machine @ https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z170-K/specifications/

Hey guys,

motherboard is a Z170 board (Asus Z170K right now, but can change), so the system is overclockable (comes with liquid cooler too).

Power supply is 600W 80 plus certified (brand varies, but we are using High Power right now).

Let me know if you have more questions!

2 slots! Brand can vary, but we are using either ADATA or GSKILL right now.

Can anyone attest to the build quality of ibuypower pcs (cable management, component location and security in case, ventilation, etc)?

I’m in the market for a new gaming pc and am on the fence between a prebuilt rig or building my own. I’m a little nervous about building because it would be my first.

Is max memory 32gb or 64gb? Contradictory info is listed.

According to the documentation of the motherboard, it says 64GB is the max.


Per the vendor, the max is 32GB.

What is the speed of the 16gb ddr4 memory, 2400, 2800 or 3200?

64GB is max memory, but you would have to use 4X 16GB sticks to achieve that since there are only 4 slots.

Right now we are using ASUS Z170-K with 4 memory slots. If we run out of stock and switch to a z board with 2 slots (very rare) we will update you guys.

That’s why we initially said 32GB, in the rare event that we run out.



I can’t answer that question directly due to conflict of interest. However, You can search and/or read through some of our previous events for more info:



Thanks and feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

Thanks for your honest reply. I’ll PM you with a few questions. :slight_smile:

If you switch motherboards then we will be given an option to cancel the purchase? Because in the specs it says 4 slots. I wouldn’t want a mobo that only has 2 memory slots.

I bought this system… Feeling a bit ripped off. Been really busy so haven’t had time to unpack and setup until now. Unless I’m really overlooking something, this system does not include the 24x DVDRW that is listed in the specs.