Element Shoes for Men and Boys

Does anyone have any experience with these shoes? I’m trying to find out how wide they are, and how true to size they feel.


What are these? Shoes for ants?

I need size 13!

These would be great if they weren’t so damn ugly.

IF only the sizes where around 11. :frowning:

Buying shoes on-line SUX… the size is NEVER correct bc every shoe Co is different. I’ve tried many times and only a small %age fit. Once I got two different sizes. Both were labeled size 12 but painfully one was NOT!!!

Boys, maybe, but not men…
I wear a 13, and am feeling left out.

Well, I’m a man and I wear a 7.5, but have really wide feet…so I often end up in a size 8. Hence, my question about width. :slight_smile:

Think slippers and maybe they aren’t so ugly any more.