Elenco 130-in-1 Electronic Playground

I had a ~40 year old (From today) version of this when I was a kid and loved it. I’m really tempted to grab this one even though I don’t have kids.

Give them something realistic to aspire to.

“Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll tell you something crazy like an astronaut or a ballerina. It’s great for kids to dream big, but if you’d like a fun way to nudge your kid in the direction of something a little more realistic, we recommend this electronic playground. They’ll learn to love the basic principles of electronics through all the fun activities. And then maybe when they grow up, they’ll actually be able to find a job.”

Seriously Woot, when did you scrounge up that hard sell - during the Cold War? Yup-this is MUCH better than a computer to prepare your kids for the jobs of tomorrow. Certainly may come in handy if you’re trying to raise a Montana log cabin recluse preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Computers shmucuters who needs them!!! - this baby has an AM radio and light bulbs!!!

Although in truth they were hella fun in the 70’s but then again we wore bell-bottoms and shiny polyester shirts back then :frowning:

I had one almost exactly like this decades ago. One of my favorite things ever. Who cares if it can teach actually useful things, it’s FUN… play with electronics without the complications (simple though they are) of soldering irons.

I had a couple versions of these 20-25 years ago, and they were great! It is amazing how many high school physics students and freshman engineering students don’t really understand the basics of electronic circuitry, and these kits do help teach that well ahead of time. They certainly started to teach me early, get my interest peaked, and now I’m an electrical engineer. That might create a bit of a bias in favor of these.

I love this. Disregard the “oh, it’s not a computer so it’s not relevant” thing. Want to thank someone for the computer itself? Thank an EE.

I had no idea something like this still existed! This is what started my passion for electronics decades ago!

Had a similar item as a kid 30+ years ago. Been looking one for my child.

Guess so…

Agreed! This is fantastic way to build a life-long interest in electronics! I started out with a crystal radio kit and something not terribly differently from this unit, and now hold an Amateur Extra class license from the FCC. I was approved to move from part-time to full-time status decades ago because, in part, electronics knowledge.

Okay, I did not miss the sarcasm in the comment, but I do agree with the statement I conveniently appropriated out of context.

This really brings back memories! Perfect for any kid that has even a slight interest in electrical systems or electronics/computers. Will give them a down-to-earth feel for what really goes on with those little electrons.

I’m 59 and still have the Heath Kit version of this item that I got for Christmas in the early 70’s. Definitely buying one for a nephew and possibly another for myself. Using your digits (fingers, not 1s and 0s) to build something is still cool.

I’ll add another Agreed! to this.

Though I wound up taking my Bachelors in mechanical engineering, my Radio Shack version of a very similar kit gave me a comfort with electrical circuitry that helped me both academically and professionally.

And, FWIW, I also wound up with an Amateur Extra class license.

I’m tempted to buy this for my friends’ kids.

I had a Radio Shack version of something like this as a kid. love that thing! I am tempted to get it “for my child.”

I like this set better than the click-circuit ones they have. It gives you more a feeling that you have actually done something. Hours of reading schematics and measuring out the length of wire you need, double check it, and then set the buzzer trip wire up to scare your little brother.

anyone actually make the underwater fish caller? needed the extra speaker and a mason jar or something. The AM radio worked fine it I was outside and had a stake in the ground.

I also had one of these when I was young, and I think as a toy it still holds up today.

Some kids love to take things apart to see how they work. I’m going to grab one of these for when my kid gets older.
You can see from the other comments that they last a long time (at least the old ones did).

I will say that you may want to grab a little plastic bin for the wires though. I also not-so-fondly remember finding the wires around the house after I let a sibling play with it.

Now if Woot! can sell one of those clear moving powered models of the internal combustion engine, I will be able to pass along two of my favorite toys from my childhood.

Elenco also sells a similar but more modern version called “Snap Circuits”. Our 9 year old has received a few sets over the last few years. Not only does he enjoy building circuits with them, he has a basic working knowledge of circuits and has been building them on his own without aid of the instruction booklet since last spring.

I would highly recommend both this set and snap circuits for anybody at any age wanting to learn the basics of electronic circuits.

My grandfather bought me one of these (a RadioShack branded version, if I remember correctly) back when I was a kid. I spent many hours playing with it, and I believe it was a major part of why I chose to work with technology.

I had a Radio Shack version back when I was young. Spent many, many hours with it. Next time I’m at my parents house I’ll have to see if it’s still there or if they got rid of it after I moved out.

Glad stuff like this is still around. My nephews were too nervous to hook up their own Wii, which is matching shapes and colors like they did when they were 2 (at the time they were like 8 and 11).
I’ no EE (ME actually) but I credit toys like this to getting me interesting in tinkering and learning.

I can’t decide if this is good candidate for donation or not.

I ended up working in TV/Radio Engineering thanks to one of these when I was 12 or 13 years old. I would build the AM radio and backfeed it up to the antenna on the roof. Good job WOOT!


Great gift idea but not sure this is really a deal. Amazon has it for $37.20 with FREE prime 2-day shipping. With Woot, it’s $27.99 plus $12 for 2-day shipping.