Elevensance Cellars Napa Valley Reggae Red - 4 Pack

Elevensance Cellars Napa Valley Reggae Red - 4 Pack

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Condition: Red
Product: 4 (four) 2008 Elevensance Cellars Reggae Red

Dang it Cesare! Let us know when you are back!!

Elevensance Cellars Napa Valley Reggae Red - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2008 Elevensance Cellars Reggae Red
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We cut the cheese WOOT! WOOT!

We cut the cheese WOOT! WOOT!

I wanted the cheese but the stupid servers would not let me buy it.

Beat Cesare – how did that happen?

Interestingly, I just unscrewed a bottle of this last night. The flavor profile is not what I typically associate with Napa cab - it’s not got a load of tannin and it is very fruit forward, almost tending towards jammy. It’s also light feeling in the mouth, more like a sangiovese than a big Napa cab.
For my palate, this is a pretty decent wine for the circumstance in which I opened it last night: I got home from a long and stressful day work around 9pm, grabbed some ravioli’s with red sauce that were left for me by my wife and kids, unscrewed a bottle of Reggae Red and turned on Monday Night Football highlights. The wine paired quite well with the pasta, and a I enjoyed the glass thoroughly. I plan to enjoy another one from the same bottle tonight!

I be fast and he be slow. Or Magic. And my time machine. :wink:

Well I’d love to buy three(3) of these if I can ever get the Yellow button to work. I assume others are having ordering problems?

edit… Fixed now. That was fast. Yoo hoo.

Hooray for me! My first “first”!

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That would certainly different than any Howell Mountain AVA wines I consume! $11.25 a bottle is tempting!

I don’t know anything about this wine, but a big thanks to all who chimed-in (or is that clanged like a gong) in the forums last July about this juice - I still don’t know anything about the wine, but I am having a merry time and a few chortles reading the comments from the last offering. :slight_smile:

However, isn’t it a shame when people take all the letters of the alphabet and leave you with ‘x’?

Is this going to be a touch “sweeter” than most Cabs? Looking at the numbers is leaving a ??? in my “wanting to buy but, do not like sweet cabs mind”. (Go big or go home kind of a Cab and Chard drinker here!)

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