Elevensance Cellars Napa Valley Reggae Red - 4 Pack

Elevensance Cellars Napa Valley Reggae Red - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2008 Elevensance Cellars Reggae Red
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It’s WOOT OFF TIME!!! Time to hide my credit card! This one is going to hurt.

A wine woot off, in the infamous words of Mr. Bill - OH NO!!!

he was born on skyrim day!

This is going to be here for awhile.
Good night folks.

BTW…What did I win?

Darn, the one time I’m at a woot off time advantage the first offer looks like it will stay up a while. You folks need to start buying :slight_smile:

@$20/bottle this is a great deal! (37.5% off to be exact)

Anyone who got it in July care to share some tasting notes?

so, my first night on the nightshift and it’s a wootoff, huh? I see myself checking back throughout the night but I don’t see anything changing, lol.

still awake…and still no change

I thought that this winery sounded familiar. I recently read an article about them in the SF Chronicle.

I don’t know how they can do Howell Mountain cab for $12.50 a bottle?

If you follow the link from the previous offering, it will be explained in one of the posts.

did the yellow bar move a little bit? I’m waiting for some of that piro piro picalo I think it was…likely will be asleep when it shows up

Need more people to buy - please hurry

Yes I recall reading Tim’s explanation when he posted it during the previous offer, but it still defies logic if you know Napa Valley pricing. Will have to try this one of these days.

BTW Tim’s Twenty Rows Winery gets fantastic reviews on the local Yelp site.

You posted the CT Link but it says your cellar is private…