Eliot's Adult Nut Butters, 6 ct Assorted

Eliot's Adult Nut Butters, 6 ct Assorted

Is each jar 12 oz?

If you scroll through the pics it will show you what each one is.

What’s the age limit on these?


The size is not in the pictures. What size is each jst?

Yes, it is

The age limit is in the specs.

There were lots of words in the specs but I didn’t see the age limit.

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Like with all products, on the Nutrition Facts label in the pictures, it shows how much is in a serving and how many servings there are.


People are nuts, but I wouldn’t want to make butter out of them! :joy: It is up to the adult to decide what their child can and cannot eat.


You must be your age, plus 1 day old, to eat these products. You are clearly not mature enough for adult nut butters.

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I’ve spent way to much time figuring out what this is or what it’s for.

$40 for 4.5lbs of peanut butter of questionable quality. The 1, 2, and 3 star Amazon reviews are pretty problematic, and don’t suggest a high quality product.

Also, the nutrition label image for the Honey Chipotle and Spicy Thai suggest a 16oz jar (14g x 32 servings = 448g) instead of 12oz (336g).

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It’s just peanut butter…in other than traditional flavors.