Eliot's Adult Nut Butters (6)

Can a guy get a freshness date? Appreciate it.

Does the espresso nib have little crunchy chunks of coffee beans? What is a nib?

Cacao nibs are simply chocolate in its purest form, before anything else is added. They are dried and fermented bits of cacao beans. The texture of our raw organic cacao nibs is similar to that of roasted coffee beans.

Is the Spicy Thai only 2 ounces or is that a misprint?

Most likely (and hopefully!!) a misprint, if you scroll down you’ll see that its 12 ounces.

Agreed. Is there an approx expiration date for all the product?

Sorry for the delay! Exp. dates have been added to the Specs.

Ah phooey. The Espresso Nib Peanut Butter expired on 7/20/16. My only hope now is to score a DeLorean woot… :wink:

Checking to see if that’s a typo or if you really do need to look for a DeLorean.

UDPATE: It was a typo. Fixed!

Im curious as to how this has 0 or <1g of Sugar when peanut butter has natural sugar and it shows sugar added in the ingredients list? Not a deal breaker for me but I do like to watch sugars and would like to know how much is added.

adult nut butter eh? brings out the man in me

I got my jars a couple days ago. I’ve finally opened each flavor and OH MY GOODNESS are they all delicious. My favorites are honey chipotle (which is surprisingly spicy for peanut butter) and garam masala. But they’re all great. I plan on making cookies with the espresso nib peanut butter tomorrow. I expect they’ll be amazing.