Eliot's Adult Nut Butters (6)

A question-- what is shelf life, and what is realistic shelf life, if you have an opinion?

Are there actual whole espresso beans, or just pieces, like the nibs?


I bought these a little over a month ago, and the sticker on the bottom of the jars says September 2017, so figure about a year unopened.

There are espresso nibs. It’s smooth enough to make peanut butter cookies with, which is what we did, and they were awesome.

Thanks for the help!

I know my memory is drip, drip, dripping away, but I could have sworn, when I got the shipping notice last Tuesday, that the delivery date was going to be sometime this week. But now I see it was only picked up today, with delivery not until a week from today.

Counting business days makes my head hurt, so I’ll assume this is within the promised wine.woot time frame, but I’m still bummed – I was going to give these as a gift this weekend.

Continuing with my non-wine whine – the FedEx page still says it’s to be delivered today, but FedEx has already been and gone to my office (dropping for the Wellington mystery case and the Harvest Moon LH Zin, thank you very much), but this one is MIA. Still in a truck somewhere, freezing its nuts. (I mean, its nut butters. That’s the ticket!)

Yeah, the initial “expected delivery date” I received was Monday, December 12, and I had planned to include 4 of these jars in the box I was sending to my mom last week. But they didn’t arrive until today and so will get sent by themselves after Christmas. Strange thing is that I received 3 jars of the spicy thai, 2 jars of the honey chipotle, and 1 jar of the garam masala. Not the 2 espresso nib/2 honey chipotle/1 garam masala/1 spicy thai combo advertised. On the plus side, I wasn’t particularly excited to try the espresso nib flavor, and the expiration date on each jar is 11/2017 (3-4 months later than the July-August 2017 dates shown when I placed the order 3 weeks ago). All in all, a mixed buying experience this time around. Hopefully the nut butters will be delicious and these other annoyances will be soon forgotten…

Now my shipping info is all, “No scheduled delivery date available at this time.”

For the second time today, I have to say, “what the???”

I will be truly miffed if I don’t get the same mix that was advertised. And by Friday.

Nothing but crickets over on my FedEx page. Might a friendly mod be able to find out what’s going on with this?


I’ll look in to it!


Found out that the day they planned to ship was when the hella snow storm hit Portland. That delayed EVERYTHING. Things should be moving now. The vendor apologies for the delay.

Well, whaddya know, it’s nearby, and due to be delivered tomorrow. Thanks for the update, TT!

BTW, I think you lost this, it’s missing from your last sentence:


And here they are, just in time, as promised! The day is saved.