Elise Tonal Faux Silk Curtain Panels 55…

A bigtime Woot scam! That’s right, a rip-off! I bought three 2-packs of these curtains for my room with 6 windows, and what do they ship? Three 1-packs! Can you believe it? Like I am supposed to only cover half of my windows! Somebody at Woot was too busy writing cute ad text to read the contents of the package! Sad - and lame!

Easy now! – though I’m not staff, I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t intended. And as these were fulfilled by Amazon, it’s their staff that couldn’t count; not Woot’s.

If you haven’t done so already, write into Customer Support and they’ll help you.

Thanks for your reply!

As for your suggestion that it was a fulfillment “accident” by Amazon, I’m afraid the evidence doesn’t support that. Those hard working folks were told to ship three units of SKU xxxxxx087 to me and that’s exactly what they did. The problem seems to be that the rocket-scientists in Woot’s marketing department read “two toned” on the product package and decided it meant “two pack” and wrote cute copy describing it as such.

As for your suggestion that I write to customer service, well that is of course exactly what I did. I explained at some length that I purchased six curtains and only received three, and asked them to ship the remaining three so I could cover all the windows. I was told that they had no more and issued a 60.5% refund (where they got that number I know not.)

Anyone who has ever curtained a room with six windows knows that three curtains isn’t half as good as six; at best its zero percent as good, and if time is a factor, it may be even worse than that. I responded to this effect and was told, and I quote, “We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to address your concerns. We understand that this situation has been frustrating but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer any additional help with this matter.”

If you would like to revise your comment in light of this new information, I’m all ears…

Hey there, rjmarshall.

Sorry for the problem with the order.

Here’s the item on Amazon where it’s noted as a 2-pack.

However, I read the reviews and it looks like it was shipping as a single.

I’m letting CS know about the issue. We did sell out of them so we don’t have any more unfortunately.

Also, I don’t see the purchase under the account you used to post so I’m unable to look at your order or ask CS to assist.


[MOD: Hid part of the order number]

Nice username there. I’ll get a note to CS.

Ok, so thanks to ThunderThigh’s efforts I have some good news and some bad news to report to all of you Wooters who are still paying attention. First the good news - I received a refund of the remaining 39.5% for the six - wait, strike that, three curtains I bought.

The bad news? I am still sitting here in a steaming pile of Woot seeing, as I mentioned, I have six windows I need to cover by tomorrow when the tenants move in. How, you might ask, am I going to do that? By using $70.62 of curtains I don’t even like that much I purchased from Amazon. Yes, I was going to return them to Amazon, but don’t feel too bad for Uncle Jeff; I also bought a few $100 of other curtains and other stuff for the place as well.

Why am I making such a big deal about this, you might ask? Because it burns by ass when I buy six of something from a subsidiary of Amazon, “the greatest company on earth”, but just because some marketing weenies in Texas are too busy breathing each others’ exhaust fumes to bother counting how many curtains are in a freaking package it ends up costing me $50 more than it should have to put curtains in a bedroom.

Will I continue buying from Amazon? Sure. Their customer service is generally quite good and they make a legitimate effort to prioritize their customers’ needs over their own entertainment.

Will I for the rest of my life buy anything from Woot ever again??? (I bet you can see this coming…) No fvcking way.

rjmarshall: I’m very sorry. We procured the items from Amazon in good faith that they were 2-packs. You helped us discover the problem and we immediately refunded all customers.

I’m sorry this left a bad taste with you. I hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.

You people are so fvcking brain-dead that when I hit “unsubscribe” on one of your lame-ass spam marketing emails I got a 404 back. Are you going to try to blame that on your “good-faith effort” to source your weak excuse for a website from AWS too???

Heh, no. Out of curiousity, what email did you unsubscribe from? I would like to test it. I tried on it one I got today and it worked.

Either way, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

UPDATE:Found the broken link