Elite Folding Rocker Chair, Tan

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Elite Folding Rocker Chair, Tan
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Walmart Reviews

Only on Woot would you find the audacity to call a rocking chair “elite”… a freaking rocking chair!

Over at Amazon

Aren’t we all worthy of elite products? I know I am. Thanks for the advice about the Amazon!

Maybe you wanna chat with the manufacturer about the naming of their products? You know Woot is known for crap. :tongue:

Then, maybe you can talk to the clown that named the light yellow-green paint I liked “Bright Laughter”.

(Scene opens to a gameshow-style auditorium. A rainbow of bright lights flashes on the faces of the sold-out crowd while they clap in unison. Upbeat circus music causes an eccentric-looking man on stage to dance a little jig. He then points at man in front row)


(Points at woman and child in a row 3 aisle seat)


(Opens his arms to the whole crowd)


(Scene fades to black as everyone rises to their feet in a standing ovation, now cheering louder then ever.)

*(Eccentric Gameshow Man exits stage left, sighs, and enters his dressing room. It is small, but obnoxiously decorated with brightly colored trinkets. He shuts the door and pulls a folded rocking chair from behind a cabinet. He unfolds it and places it in the center of the room and slouches into it. Pan out and fade to black.)

(Voiceover: Eccentric Gameshow Man whispering)*

I deserve elite products.

(p.s. - kickback, we should totally write a screenplay together.)

I’d rather have a brand new freaking rocking chair than an old creaking rocking chair any day, especially if it’s elite!

My grandma says her rocking chair is elite, but she’s not fooling anyone. This one looks considerably nicer.

Great link!!! I checked the reviews and it seems this chair has a pattern of complaints about the plastic arm cracking where it’s joined to the back support. Otherwise, positive reviews. Think I’ll pass.

With your permission, I’m going to change the name of my band to Bright Laughter. We’re world famous in select parent’s basements and do some wicked Polka covers! Anyone care to join?

Also, you may want to keep that little buggy away from your new Elite Rocking Chair, I don’t know what termites look like (and I suppose they won’t eat a steel frame), but it could be a bad combo. Much like that time I poured tomato juice in my Frosted Flakes. . .
True story.

I weigh about 249. If I’m holding a beer and a sandwich I might go over the 250lb capacity. Do you think it’s safe for me?

Are we talking a 40 ouncer and an 5’ party sub or a 12er and 6 incher? Also, do you have enough to share?

Did you last weight yourself at the same altitude you’ll be sitting in the chair at? If you weighed yourself on a mountain top, yet you’ll be buying the chair for some California beach sitting, I’d say it might be something to avoid. On the other hand, if you weighed yourself on that Cali beach and only plan on sitting in the chair during your one-way Mars Explorer trip, I think you’re 100% safe. (Good luck on that trip by the way!)

You could always just buy two and have a backup in case the worst happens.

Whatever floats your Polka boat… :slight_smile: