Elite Gourmet 1-qt. Air Fryers: Multiple Colors

Elite Gourmet 1-qt. Air Fryers: Multiple Colors

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Bought one of these for my wife at Christmas just to see what all the hype is about and give is a try. It’s still running strong and gets used regularly. Bought two more for my daughters and they love them also.
We are now looking into getting something a little bigger. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to try out the air fryer thing, but be ready to want something bigger, especially if cooking for more than one.


I’ve had mine for over a year – ended up getting a slightly larger one a couple of months ago, but I still keep this one handy for when I want just a few chicken wings or roasted baby potatoes. One of the best investments in a small kitchen appliance I’ve ever made, and at age 70, I’ve purchased quite a few. Ranks right up there with my small George Forman countertop grill.