Elite Gourmet 1-qt. Air Fryers: Multiple Colors

Elite Gourmet 1-qt. Air Fryers: Multiple Colors

I got this from woot last time and so far loving it. It is small but thats helping with portion control. Plus being small doesn’t take up too much space.

Think medium fries and a burger patty or chicken drum stick. Or just 3 chicken pieces. It’s really a air frier for one.

So far nonstick is working really well and been super easy to clean. Spray with dawn and wipe clean and same.for removable tray inside altho use brush to clean but no need to scrub scrub.

Only complaint is that the text on the dial and top have already began to smudged off. Not sure what I got on it but half the 20min indictor smeared off. So be careful getting outside oily or cleaning detergent.

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Went to order but no way to choose color. Want the Mint but the pic in cart is red and description in cart just says choice of color. Can anyone tell me how to choose the color?

Yeah, we’re selling red.


I’ll ask them to correct the sale.