Ella Jayne 100% Cotton 600TC Sheet Set

I have these on my bed right now. They are terrible. 150 tc at the most. Scratchy. You can see through them they are so thin.

Agreed. I just washed mine and noticed they are thin, seem more like 200TC, I’ll sleep in them tonight, and see how I feel, but so far, not impressed. :\

Just received these, washed and on bed. They are garbage I want my money back. I don’t have a thick mattress but they still don’t fit. Super thin. These won’t last long.

Bought a king size , I know that I shouldn’t asked for much when paying less than 40 bucks for a 100% cotton sheet set .
But they should erase that : “soft to the touch” out of the product description . It’s a pretty rough sheet that you can ease your itchy back just by lay rubbing against it.

I’m glad I didn’t choose these sheets to lose my virginity on because we would have ended up with rugburn all over our body. And the whole point of getting super nice sheets is to have super nice sex on them. There is no way to have super nice sex on these sheets they are so terrible. At best, you could have paranoid quickie sex on these sheets because you’d want to jump up immediately and get away from the sanding block of a bed you made for you sweet lover.
If you want to ruin your intimate life, buy these sheets and luxuriate in the heavily creased wrinkles they come out of the dryer with.
I may save these as my “bad mosquito bite sheets” and I can just lay on my bites and itch them as I breathe and pray for forgiveness for wasting 40 bucks on $12 sheets and for the lives of the children they must have enslaved to weave the fabric from the local jute.