Elliptically yours, Diamondback

Any tips for getting started with one of these Diamondback ellipticals?

When are you guys going to post the “studio bikes” up again?? I was working (5 months ago) when it was posted and it sold out before I could order it.

Going to the gym is great… but, when I am sick it would be nice to still get my cardio in :wink: Woot! Help a brother out! :smiley:

Anyone have any thoughts about front wheel vs rear wheel drive on these units? I presume there must be a rationale for designing the two different styles.

edit: I may have found the answer on the company’s faq: “we recommend you try each type to determine which is a better fit for you. In general, Diamondback’s rear-drive ellipticals have a flatter motion path, similar to a jogging simulation, whereas the front drive ellipticals use a more inclined pedal path that is closer to an uphill exercise.”

The front drive models tend to also be more balanced and don’t rock as much, I’ve found.

Damn you woot! I would love one of these for the gameroom… if I didn’t just buy a TV!