Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat- Your Choice

You have GOT to be shWOOTing me…

One more gadget to clean. No thanks!

Electricity + Water + Private Parts = NO THANK YOU!

Crappiest woot eva… LOL

But hey, it could be perfect gift to break up on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Wooter’s!!!

“Bidets are gross, I’m going to keep wiping my a$$ the way americans have since 1800, wrapping my fingers in tissue and dragging them across my sh*t covered anus.” good plan!

I’ve bought three bidets from woot, one attachment and two heated/full function. I will never own a home without a bidet again.
Those who have them think they’re great, those who don’t snicker.
if you step in dog sh*t do you wash it off, or run and get a tissue?

seriously, you looked at this and though “well, the only thing holding me back is the cleaning of a toilet seat”.
the washing mechanism cleans itself(and is parked behind a door until used) so it requires no more cleaning than does a toilet seat. Your underwear requires much less cleaning…

The comment is out of context “worst Woot ever” was a response to “is this a refurb?” Implying few people would want a returned toilet seat.

…and you think your toothbrush has germs? wait till you pick up that remote!

I run and get a tissue but catching the dog for a wipe is the hard part.

NOW I know why the TV channels change everytime my wife goes to the toilet!

You do realize that you’re not touching your shitty ass covered in tear-prone paper at all when you have one or these, right? The remote is going to be cleaner than the flush knob by several orders of magnitude.

Limit of four? Thats a deal breaker.

You should also research and look at the COCO Bidet almost 300 reviews on Amazon. There are videos showing you how to install one at BIDETS.COM

You can also research the COCO Bidet almost 300 reviews on Amazon. The COCO 6035R is the exact same model as the USPA 6800. The COCO 6035R came out first and we love it. The COCO 6035R has a black bar and for a short while the USPA 6800 had a black bar and COCO had to take legal action to make Bio Bidet change it to a silver bar.

COCO then came out with the COCO 9500R, one of the first hybrid/never ending warm water systems in the market. Then Bio bidet tried to answer with the bb2000. The 6035/6800 does not have endless warm water it is more of a reservoir system and provides limited warm water. The COCO 9500r and Bio Bidet 2000 provide unlimited warm water. Do your research and visit BIDETS.COM

massage feature? really?

I guess you really have to give a sh-t to like this item.

This is my fav product ever. You may want to sit on a freezing toilet seat first thing in the morning but my tush LOVES this! Will never be without one.

Is there an app for this?

Hey guys! I got a note from the buyer, sounds like we had a couple discrepancies with the models listed.

“The BB-2000 white and beige are the intended offers. The USPA is not included in this event.”

FYIz. :slight_smile: