Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

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Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat
Price: $292.99
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Amazon Reviews

A $300 toilet seat. Holy umm seat.

Time to learn all about the Bio Bidet difference

Did you ever make IT on a bidet before?

Only binight!

no a Bidet attachment so you can poop and wash off in one sitting

this was the first time I had ever seen a bidet , ever. Thanks Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee


Hmmm, I wonder what this button on the remote does,…


This is in Woot Tools & Garden?
Does it come with instructions for mounting on a riding lawn mower?

You beat me to it. This has what to do with Tools & Garden? Weak sauce, Woot!

wow…unless a woman us outside in the garden or using tools for this project…woot has this in the wrong area. They must be hurting for females buyers cause I know they have gone down hill lately…no pun intended

of course its in tools and gardens because it can make things grow!

No, you really do need one of these although you may not realize it.
Unless of course your standards of hygiene are so relaxed that you wipe all your dirty dishes with a paper towel and put them back on the shelf.
EZ John

It is not everyday you see a $300 660 watt remote controlled toilet seat, but I think I will pass.

I can buy 3 seashells for much less and it does as good as a job.

American exceptionalism: will spend $75k on an SUV, buys new iphone every year to look at woot…uses the same toilet tech as the 1820’s, wiping a$$ with fingers covered with tissue.

I’ve owned bidets for a couple of years now, it is baffling to me that we don’t lead the world in bidet use.
“when you step in dog sh*t do you wash it off the bottom of your shoe, or wipe it off with a piece of tissue?”

by the way, Brondell has a pretty good reputation as far as bidet seats go. While a tank system isn’t the most efficient heating arrangement…this is a lot of features in a $300 seat.

Agree completely with your point. To add a bit:

When I buy a tool for the garage I want the best I can get, even if it gets used only once every six months. The quality is always worth the money.

But for toilets, we let the building contractors install the cheapest garbage they can get away with. And a toilet is something everyone uses several times EVERY day (except for the chronically constipated). For this reason alone I say buy the best toilet fixture and bidet that money will buy. It is something you will use and use. Treat yourself to a really great tool, it just happens to be one you keep in the bathroom, and not in the garage.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all the people at Woot and you, my fellow skeptical buyers.

I bought one of these but ended up returning it. Lost maybe $30 on handyman fees ($10/hr).

Installed it in one bathroom, but the top of the toilet tank stuck too far forward (stupid modern design I did not choose; wife did), so the seat didn’t even line up with the bowl properly. What a pain.

Finally we installed it in the other bathroom. It fit, but then we realized: That bathroom only has 2-prong outlets.

You want 3-prong outlets.

People die of anal electrocution from improperly wired bidets. It’s extremely rare - you’re more likely to be killed by a moose - but it happens. I’d rather not have that possibility.

So we ended up returning it. What a pain. At least my unemployed buddy got to make $30 off of it.