Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

The more complicated something is, the more frequent are the brake downs. Who do you call to repair this little gem?

Some time the simplest of designs are the best.

Here is a high tech device you could have used:
Super High Tech Converter

Alright, I have been googling “anal electrocution” and I’m not finding any stories about people dying by bidet so I have no idea if you’re being funny or if this has really happened.

I am a small business owner which means that 75k SUV is a 1996 GMC Van with 273,000 miles I paid $800 for 3 years ago. That new smartphone is actually a cost effective Blu smartphone I paid $80 for to own without contract. But I know what you mean for most people. Now when it comes to tools I do only buy the best, everything else I am pretty frugal on. But $300 for a bidet seat on WOOT of all places the bargain let me get it as cheap as I can? Come on now, you know better!

Oh my, I was eating lunch when I started reading the comments, but suddenly I’m not so hungry anymore…

Had this one (costco) and it beeps every time you sit and stand up. So loud it can wake up your spouse in the middle of the night.

Ya shoulda paid that same buddy a few bucks to put in a grounded outlet!

Some things in this world should NOT require an instruction manual or a battery.

Of course these complex toilets are de-rigeur in Korea and Japan. I speak neither language, and decided while sitting there that ‘experimentation while exposed’ might not be the best idea.

I’m a big fan of bidets, but I would not buy this one because connecting to electricity would be a huge hassle in my bathroom, and heating the water is totally unnecessary imho.

Bet you’ll have fun explaining that one to HR…

Oh…but on the bidet note: We bought one about a year ago…not the same one but very similar functionality. I am travelling right now and definitely miss it! It’s just better at doing the job that needs doing. The seat warmer is a nice feature and the warm water is also appreciated…I had to install an outlet in the bathroom but it was very worth it.

Bidets and “smart” toilets both fall into the category of things you don’t know you need until you’ve used one. After that it’s, “How did I ever get by without this?” We came across them when friends installed two (one in each bathroom) $2000 models in their home.

As far as bidet seats go, this isn’t a bad price. Keep in mind this is new and not refurbished (because you’d really want a used toilet seat). Also, in 2013 the Japanese company Lixil acquired American Standard Brands and announced in May of this year (2014) they’ll integrate smart toilets into that company’s US line.

So, now you’ll be able to control your toilet with your phone.

Must not live anywhere that has “winter” The water in the pipes around here gets pretty damn cold for half the year!