"Elvis Died For Your Sins” Poster - 18" x 24"

“Elvis Died For Your Sins” Poster - 18” x 24"
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PRODUCT: 1 Elvis Died For Your Sins Poster

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Uhm, wow. Just… wow. I’m speechless.

what is this i dont even

Seriously? You added Maryland at last minute again?! And damn my attempts at higher education interfering with my wine hunting!

ummmmmmmmm I honestly don’t know what to say. I beat addiction where as he didn’t? def think it crosses the religion line for sure

Edit: Hey Thunderthighs, a question out of curiosity; did the people “above your pay grade” pick this out too? I think you need to take over and switch roles because this is awful

its back! Now all you that missed this gem the first time came jump on it…anyone?

uh… one of these things is not like the other.

Worst. Wine. Woot.

This should just be added to a woot “bag of crap”.

edit: Woot won’t let me type one of their famous offerings. haha

This isn’t the first time? It’s simply awful.

The wine table annoys me every time I see it, but this one wins.

Uhm… buy 3?

White Elephant Christmas Gifts!!!

I like my friends and coworkers too much!


^^^ reminds me of that unicorn cartoon on YouTube(cant remember the name of it)

Might have actually been tempted if this was regular woot, but wine.woot? Really? Really??

This is how woot staff performs maintenance on their payment servers, without having to post an outage message.

Yea, been up here before. Best thing is that I don’t have to worry about missing anything - night all…