eMachines 2.6Ghz Desktop PC

ugh…xp, no thanks. strictly vista please

I remember when I worked at Circuit City and we sold these. The extended warranty actually cost as much or sometimes more than the computer itself. Boy I hope they’re better these days.

SOLD OUT !!! That was fast

ARRRRR GGGGG!!! … what did they have like 1 or 2 … no sooner did i click the info was correct was it sold out … CARP…

You must know of an eMachines other than the one I know… If you buy one, crack it open and reseat EVERYTHING before power on…

was there just 1? lol

Wow, cheap PC!

If it had Vista I would buy it just for the key, lol!

Can’t even have that though eh?

What’s taking so long? No one wants to be the first sucker???

damn yeah ps/2 mouse

I had a Dell once. It was a horrible computer. They make Crap.

Wow again… all sold out in the 7 hour… interesting.

I buy and resell many brands of computers. emachine is the worst I ever had to deal with. I resold 6 and had to take 5 of them back because my customers were so upset with this junk. Cheap is what you get! DON"t BUY

I always miss this one!

If there were only 6 of these, what determines the colors on the map? With 6 states and 6 woots, why are some states brighter than others? Or does the map only show those that are trying to buy, not those who actually completed the transaction?