eMachines 2GHz Widescreen Notebook with Linux

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eMachines 2GHz Widescreen Notebook with Linux
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 eMachines LXN070C008 Widescreen Notebook Celeron 2GHz, 1GB, 120GB, 15.4", Webcam, DVD-RW, Linux OS

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Btw “Let the Right One In” is a great film.

Almost had me before the penguin

Oh sure, the day after my computer kicks the bucket and we go buy a new one.

Oh, wait. Didn’t see the Linux. Nevermind!

Reviews of linux notebooks


and reviews of eMachines as a brand of notebooks.

Great? You mean AMAZING!?


I am starting to tinker with Linux and I was thinking about picking up a scrap machine to do it with. Would this be a good buy for someone who is getting into Linux, or should I punt and play with the junker for a while?


It comes with Linux only or does it have windows?

Dude - there are no reviews of the woot at your link.

That woot screen makes it all worthwhile if it comes loaded with it.

Why would you compare these to those 7 inch netbooks? this is a slow and heavy beast. Not bad for $300 but you probably won’t enjoy the experience, these specs are from a normal laptop from 5 years ago.

Unhh! I want one. I want one to have my babies!

And the first sucker from Illinois bought 3 of them!?

Wow, a 310,000 Megapixel web cam! How large an Internet connection would you need just to send that stream out?

A 310K megapixel webcam, eh?

Sort of overkill for…anything, as I don’t think anyone I talk to really needs to be able to see every single skin cell on my face.

edit: prattk993 and I should obviously hook up. We could have video conversations with our new computers! :wink:

Wouldn’t be too bad for messing around with, but Celeron’s are garbage. I guess for $300 it’s not horrible though…

It’s running Linux, so you’ll have far less problems than you would an emachine with Windows… I’d think anyways

The post with the comment today was superb. linux snobs really need to get with the program if the community is to grow