eMachines Athlon Desktop PC with Windows 7 Home Premium

Hmmmm… maybe I’ll install Ubuntu on it.

ps/2 peripherals…


Not exactly a rush . . .

This is a great deal, the OS could cost you about $100 alone!

Let us hope there are only three of these beautiful machines. And someone spends $600 to buy them all.

Great price

hahaha! big money no whammies!

This is a fantastic deal. I’m usually a little wary of e-machines, but for $215 delivered? Hells yes.

Okay, it’s a crappy item. Now then, woot, just hold off on changing until I wake up in the morning and we’ll be good.

Come on woot, I need a tv for my rv.

I need a woot checker, please

Well…I would have bought the camera, but with Woots password changes, it screwed up my password manager. Woot…sigh…why why why???

How are e-machines now a day?


lovely avatars!!! hahhaa

If it’s such a good deal, buy them out already! :slight_smile:

The little orange bar has moved none.

Now I can have a computer in my bathroom

Yeah, but does it run Crysis?

Integrated graphics, ewww