eMachines Athlon Dual-Core Desktop

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eMachines Athlon Dual-Core Desktop
$289.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 eMachines ET1331G-05W Athlon II X2 1.6GHz, 4GB DDR2, 750GB SATA, SuperMulti DVDRW, Win 7 Home Prem

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eMachines Athlon Dual-Core Desktop [Refurbished] - $289.99 + $5 shipping

1 * eMachines ET1331G-05W Athlon II X2 1.6GHz, 4GB DDR2, 750GB SATA, SuperMulti DVDRW, Win 7 Home Prem

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I’ve got one of these, seems to run pretty excellent with Windows 7.

Make sure you update the audio driver, I had some issues with the onboard one playing DVDs.

Manufacturers website.

That’s a lot for the price, especially considering what a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium costs by itself.

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This can prove to be worth it if you up it to having a bit more RAM. Especially running Windows 7.


My girlfriend got this last time around. Although, question: she plays Starcraft 2 (beta) on there and wants to up the graphics. Can that be done?

Before anyone asks, this will not play games well (at least modern games, games from the 2005 and earlier era probably will).

It does have a PCI Express slot though, so just add a better power supply and a graphics card and it should game decently.

This is a steal with the windows software included.

A review I found on the back of an envelope in a coffee can in my attic under some old posters of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite toaster.

eMachines ET1331G-05w Desktop PC with AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core Processor 250U & Windows 7 Home Pre… (99802671204) —

when i was looking for a computer i had no clue which one to get i mean there are so many so i started looking an seen alot of them i did not have the money to buy then i seen the emachine an figured i would get it but really figured i would not really like it well let me tell you something this computer is great i have a friend who went out an spent double what i did for a dell an has had nothing but trouble with it i keep tell her to get a emachine but she wanted that dell well after about 3 months of still having trouble she went an got the emachine an was so happy you get everything you would on the others for a much lower price i mean i have a dvd burner which i had no clue it even had that so i can burn my music make family videos to send to other family member in other states an the memory on the emachine is great i have not had any trouble with it at all the only thing im not happy about is that i did not get it alot sooner so if your looking for a great computer the emachine is just what you need

That’s the beauty of desktops, you can pretty much always find a way to swap out some hardware and force stuff to work even if it’s noted as incompatible. Don’t quote me on this though because I’m not sure if whomever owns emachines has it setup as proprietary to only run there products, but if not then you can definitely swap the card out. If you can’t, I believe there are some decent external video cards you can always attach to it.

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My last Emachine was a lemon, got three replacements, took three till the final one wasn’t a lemon.

I’ve heard they’ve changed hands, but I still wouldn’t trust them.

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unboxing video

Emachines has a bad track record with consistency in the IT circles, but they’re perfectly fine home use computers.

I’d recommend a clean install of windows or a lot of program cleaning on most consumer-grade computers.

4GB of memory should be more than sufficient to run windows 7 flawlessly. I have a higher-end computer and I barely break 3-3.5 GB of memory on most tasks. It is nice that the RAM is upgradeable though.

Wish Woot would sell a desktop with FireWire sometime! I have some old videos I would like to get off these miniDV tapes…

The wife has one of these and she loves it.
Does video editing well (Adobe Premiere Pro CS3) as well as Photoshop.

Get yer drivers here

While it was in stock here it used to be $175 minus keyboard and speakers: