eMachines Intel Dual Core Desktop PC

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eMachines Intel Dual Core Desktop PC [Refurbished] - $299.99 + $5 shipping

1 * eMachines ET1831-07 Intel Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 750GB SATA, Windows 7 Home Prem 64

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Anyone knows if this can handle steam games such as CS source?

How much memory is dedicated to video?

Actually, this is a pretty good deal. Nice video card, nice size HD, nice amount of RAM, and 2.7ghz dual core. That’s real good for $300.00. And to top it off, it’s an emachine!!! Oh wait… E-Machine!? eeww… pass. That name alone just set this woot back a couple years. I wouldn’t take a free emachine… not even for scrap parts.


Talking about spore… Can this Computer play it?

Product site

eMachines is a terrible brand and their customer service is horrible.

In 2006, I RMA’d my desktop computer (before I built) to them and they sent me someone else’s. They wanted me to contact the person to get it back and then to ship them their broken computer to them at my expense.

Not sure if their customer service has improved since then, but I would definitely stay away from them.

Not to mention, this computer is using rather dated technology (DDR2, LGA 775, etc). They are also notorious for using cheap power supplies (at least in the past).

What’s up with the orange hyperlinks?

I bought this exact model 2 weeks ago off amazon for like $370. Its been awesome for about a week now.

Are those PS2 connectors on the mouse and keyboard? Thats a huge warning sign right there…

Some Reviews

I assume this “Pentium” processor is based on the Core 2 architecture and not the old Netburst from the Pentium 4 days right? If that’s the case then this is a decent PC for the price, a great replacement for most anything 2+ years old.

Texas bought one, lol!

I see only two memory banks. What is the maximum memory this can support?

This is a refurb! Uh, yeah, it’s like new from amazon, with free shipping, $380.00 So for $75.00 more, I can buy a spankin new one. What am I missing?


This is a pretty good value.

I have a similar PC purchased 4 years ago from Wal-Mart, and it’s still going strong.

The included Pentium E5400 is Core 2 microarchitecture, just with a little less cache, so this E5400 CPU should perform on the same level as around a 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo.

Decent specs on everything else. Makes me wish I needed a cheap $300 PC.

"Shared system memory may be allocated to support integrated graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors. Actual system memory available to the operating system will be reduced by the amount of dedicated and/or shared system memory utilized by the graphics solution and resources required by the operating environment. "

from their Website

emachines (along with Gateway) was purchased by Acer in 2007, so quality has gone up a bit.

currently sells new at Best Buy for $349: sku 9703523

I have this machine and it’s been great! I’m no power user, so I can’t speak to the advanced specs. I love it after about 6 months.